Paf Launches €100K Employee-Directed Charity Initiative

Paf, a leading Nordic gaming company, has introduced an innovative charity initiative, granting their employees the unique opportunity to allocate €100,000 to various charitable causes. This initiative aligns with Paf’s longstanding commitment to societal benefit, wherein their annual profits are channeled into the Paf funds to support a wide range of social, environmental, youth, sports, and cultural initiatives.

In this employee-led charity program, all Paf employees were invited to nominate and vote for causes they passionately support. The outcome of this democratic process determined the allocation of the €100,000 fund across various charities.

The distribution, as dictated by employee votes, covered a diverse range of initiatives. The most significant allocations were €26,000 each to causes supporting children with cancer and aid efforts in Ukraine. Additional funds were distributed to various other causes, including animal welfare, healthcare initiatives for children, and environmental projects.

The top three beneficiaries, receiving the highest votes, included Barncancerfonden in Sweden for childhood cancer eradication, Juegaterapia Foundation in Spain focusing on play therapy for children with cancer, and Kingitud Elu in Estonia, supporting parents of children with cancer. For the Ukraine cause, notable recipients included Operation Aid, a Swedish organization providing supplies to Ukraine, and Pro Ukraine, a Finnish organization aiding civilians in Ukraine.

Animal welfare causes also received significant support, with SEY Suomen Eläinsuojelu in Finland and RMJ Horse Rescue in Malta being the primary beneficiaries.

Organizations already receiving funds from Paf were excluded from this initiative. Since its inception in 1966, Paf has contributed over €416 million to various causes. In spring 2023, Paf successfully distributed €33.1 million for societal benefits, underlining its commitment to responsible gaming and corporate social responsibility in the iGaming industry.

“We wanted to give employees a direct opportunity to influence where a sum of money should go. It is an initiative that is outside of Paf’s normal mission, but it is very close to our basic purpose,” says Paf’s CEO Christer Fahlstedt.

“It is important that everyone who works at Paf really feels that our main purpose is different and that it is something worth working for. At the same time, we all had the opportunity to end the year with a nice gesture,” added Christer Fahlstedt.

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