Parimatch Rebrands to Parimatch Tech

International sports betting company Parimatch have today announced its evolution into ‘Parimatch Tech’ to highlight
its transition from a traditional betting company to a fully digitalised and product-focused technology business.
The name change is the latest step in the company’s long-term technological transformation, beginning back in
2010 when only 5% of punters were betting online.

Parimatch Tech is an international product company and will continue to promote the well-established Parimatch
brand globally while also providing technology and marketing solutions for the gaming and entertainment industry.
As the owner and creator of the Parimatch brand, the company is engaged in brand positioning and marketing,
securing new partnerships, entering into contracts with ambassadors and developing the brand ecosystem.

The company’s rebrand highlights the globalization of the business and is aimed at generating brand awareness
among partners and users around the world. Having already consolidated its leading position in the CIS region,
Parimatch Tech is bringing the Parimatch brand to international markets via its partners in Ukraine, Cyprus, the
UK, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Kenya, and Nigeria, as well as other countries in Europe, Asia, and

“Parimatch Tech will continue to invest in both established and emerging markets, partnering with local businesses
and entrepreneurs to create new job opportunities and strengthen and expand existing offerings. Each market is
unique, so our teams adapt platforms to local user preferences, economic conditions, and the rules and regulation
of the gambling market,” added Roman Syrotian, co-CEO of Parimatch Tech.

“Becoming Parimatch Tech is a natural step for us as a company, and formalizes and reflects our technological
transformation. It is a sign of the maturity of our company internally, and we are pleased to share this news with
both the public and our partners. While there are many challenges laying before our industry and ambitious targets
for us to meet, Parimatch Tech is confident in its ability to continue to modernise and improve the gaming and
entertainment industry across the world,” said Maksym Liashko, co-CEO of Parimatch.

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