PokerStars and Lucky VR Innovate with Vegas Infinite Launch

Illuminating a novel stride in the iGaming sector, Vegas Infinite, introduced by PokerStars in collaboration with development partner Lucky VR, has broadened its accessibility by launching a format that permits players to engage on a PC, eliminating the necessity for a VR headset. The release, currently in Early Access and available for complimentary download on Steam, breaks new ground by integrating Meta Quest players in virtual reality and PC players, facilitating a shared gaming experience.

In a detailed overhaul of Vegas Infinite, the VR & Innovation team at PokerStars and Lucky VR have recalibrated the game’s dynamic to cater to screen, mouse, and keyboard users. Players can navigate through the game, indulging in its captivating environments and utilizing custom-crafted user interfaces (UIs) to partake in a variety of games such as cash, Spin & Go, and MTT poker, alongside blackjack, roulette, craps, slots, and others, from a range of perspectives including first-person and bird’s eye views.

PC players will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in various interactive layers that distinguish Vegas Infinite in the iGaming market. This includes a live VOIP feature enabling real-time communication amongst friends, analogous to the live gaming scenario. Players can subtly view their cards, handle chips, and select from an expansive inventory of items and accessories. Avatars also come equipped with a spectrum of animations, providing players with expressive options at the table.

Moreover, to ensure a fluid transition between VR and PC gaming, a new account feature has been implemented into Vegas Infinite. Players can utilize a single email address to synchronize their balance and progression across both Meta Quest and Steam platforms.

In addition to being accessible for free on PC via Steam, Vegas Infinite, under the presentation of PokerStars, is also available in virtual reality through the Meta Quest store, Steam, and the PlayStation Store, following its launch on PlayStation VR2 earlier this year.

Further solidifying its rebranding, earlier in the month, PokerStars declared that PokerStars VR would henceforth be known as PokerStars presents Vegas Infinite, and would undergo a comprehensive revamp of the free-to-play social casino videogame.

PokerStars ensures that the iGaming experience within Vegas Infinite is free, providing players with free chips every 8 hours alongside free creds which can be utilized to access interactive accessories and apparel within the game. A variety of additional items, such as chips, creds, and subscriptions, remain available for purchase.

To safeguard its gaming community, Vegas Infinite employs Tox Mod, an AI-driven live chat monitoring tool, to augment its dedicated moderation team. Players also have access to an assortment of in-game safety tools, enabling them to take breaks, establish spending limits, issue player reports, and control their interaction level within the game.

With no provision for winning real money, and obligating players to be 18 years or older, Vegas Infinite reinforces responsible iGaming. To dive deeper into the world of Vegas Infinite and to keep abreast of its latest developments, one can visit

James O’Reilly, Director of VR & Innovation at PokerStars, said: “We’ve drawn on five years of experience in VR game development to build a rich, open-world entertainment destination that also offers all the convenience of desktop. Our launch on PC brings Vegas Infinite to a brand-new audience and gives our VR players the chance to invite friends who don’t own headsets into the same world to play, explore, and hangout together anytime, from anywhere.”

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