Research Finds Minority Ethnic Communities are Disproportionately Impacted by Gambling

GambleAware has today published the findings of research conducted by YouGov regarding levels of gambling harm and access to treatment, support, and advice among Black, Asian, and minority ethnic adults.

The new research conducted by YouGov shows one in five (20%) Black, Asian, and minority ethnic adults surveyed experience some problems associated with their gambling (a PGSI score of 1+), compared with 12% of white adults. Similarly, of those surveyed, seven per cent of adults in minority ethnic communities are classified as ‘problem gamblers’ (PGSI 8+), compared to two per cent of white adults.

The study commissioned by GambleAware finds demand for treatment is higher among people from minority ethnic communities who are defined as ‘problem gamblers’, with three quarters (75%) saying they want treatment, support or advice, compared to 49% of white ‘problem gamblers’.

In parallel to the YouGov research, GambleAware has published a review of the international evidence base, titled Disproportionate Burdens of Gambling Harms Amongst Minority Communities: A Review of the Literature, which identifies the need to engage directly with minority communities to understand the drivers of higher levels of gambling harm in these communities, noting a current dearth of such research.


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