Rhino Entertainment Ltd to Accelerate Delivery and Drive Innovation with Flows

Rhino Entertainment Ltd, dedicated to delivering the greatest casino products and online experience through utilising the best iGaming solutions has today signed with iGaming’s innovation platform, Flows. Headquartered in Malta, Rhino Entertainment Ltd runs multiple online casino brands which include industry leading CasinoDays.com. This partnership empowers the team at Rhino Entertainment Ltd to be able to build new features and applications without coding as well as accelerate tech delivery, integrations and change across the business.

Flows is built to be one of the most agnostic pieces of software on the market, that can sit alongside any other piece of technology that you have or use to then enable you to innovate freely and without constraint. With Flows, organisations have full ownership of their product roadmaps, can integrate with any app or data source quickly, orchestrate multiple systems, and automate workflows in real-time. By integrating Flows the team will be able to add new automated workflows to their current processes, quickly integrate and customise new 3rd parties and apps as well as build and implement new features from regulatory and player safety Flows through to larger more complex flows, at speed and without the need to code.

Ross Parkhill, Chief Executive Office, Rhino Entertainment Ltd “At Rhino we really try to stay product-focused, so this is a great partnership for us. We’ve recently built our proprietary Rhino Layer CMS, which alongside Flows opens up opportunities to give our players exciting new features and further efficiencies in some key areas of the business.

We were all impressed by what James and his team have built, and our team is already building flows themselves and very excited about utilising the tool going forward.”

James King, CEO at Flows, said: “We’re really excited to have partnered with Rhino Entertainment Ltd and to be a part of their exciting journey as they continue to solidify their place amongst the very best in Gaming. They’ve got a wonderfully talented team of innovators driving their ambitions and we’re very proud to be recognised by them as a partner that can accelerate and support them further..

A really superb partnership to be able to announce following the summer break and a great reflection of all of the hard work that the team at Flows have put into and continue to put into our product.”

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