RubyPlay Designs Custom Immortal Ways Game for LottoStar

RubyPlay, a dynamic B2B iGaming development studio, has crafted a custom version of its Immortal Ways title exclusively for LottoStar, marking its first bespoke project in the South African market. This collaboration highlights RubyPlay’s innovative approach and its ability to tailor content for specific operator partners.

The Immortal Ways LottoStar edition is distinctively branded to align with LottoStar’s identity, setting it apart from other games in the series and enhancing its appeal to the operator’s existing customer base. The game retains the series’ signature feature of offering players 10,000 ways to win, further enriched with two Immortal Arrays across the central reels, adding to the game’s excitement. Additionally, two bonus wheels flank the game grid, offering players opportunities to win extra cash prizes, multipliers, or one of four jackpot prizes, triggered by the Coin Wheel symbol during gameplay.

This release signifies RubyPlay’s first tailored game in South Africa and follows the provider’s successful launch in the market with LottoStar in June 2023. Since then, an impressive 53 games have been released under this partnership.

RubyPlay’s introduction of Immortal Ways LottoStar underscores its commitment to expanding within regulated markets in 2024. With South Africa being a focal region, RubyPlay also has plans for growth in other markets, including Romania and Spain, in the near future. This strategy reflects the provider’s ambition to increase its global footprint and reinforce its position in the iGaming industry.

Dr. Eyal Loz, Chief Product Officer at RubyPlay, said: “We’ve seen outstanding success in terms of player engagement in South Africa with LottoStar, so we’re thrilled to be recognising that in the form of Immortal Ways LottoStar, a bespoke game exclusively for the operator.

“Our Immortal Ways series has been embraced by players across the globe, with several bespoke versions within the franchise, and we’re excited to keep that momentum going throughout the year. We’re confident that LottoStar’s player base will love this dynamic, multi-faceted title.”

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