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This week all roads lead to one of the most popular European iGaming events of the year – SBC Barcelona, taking place from 20th – 22nd September.

This event will serve as a dynamic hub, purpose built for global leaders in sports betting and iGaming to meet and discuss the future of our industry, exchange knowledge and forge strong connections.

Maksym Liashko, CEO Parimatch Tech, will be one of the many expert speakers taking part in this week’s conference. IGF caught up with him to explore why events like Barca are so important to attend, and to ask, most importantly, what he believes the audience will gain from his session to help equip them for future growth.

In a time when so many aspects of business, such as meetings and networking, are being held online, why is it so important for you to attend in-person events like SBC Barcelona? What do you hope to achieve?

“Offline events offer the possibilities of a rich exchange of opinions, experience, expertise, and lively discussions, which the online format simply doesn’t allow. SBC Barcelona, being one of the biggest events in the industry, especially stands out in this regard. Its unique atmosphere, year after year, brings together old friends and rising stars of the industry. Parimatch Tech and I personally appreciate this very much.”

What will your session be about? What value will the audience gain from listening to your presentation?

“We’ll talk about navigating the opportunities and growing pains of a global transformation. Recently, the change has become undeniable, but it was never unexpected. That’s exactly why now we can share with the industry some valuable insights on how to continue to grow the business despite economic and cultural headwinds, how to build an effective M&A strategy, what technologies to look out for, and much more.

“I believe our presentation will be invaluable for everyone who wants to ensure the development and growth of one’s business in any circumstances and get all the necessary knowledge and tools to do that.”

Do you think we, as an industry, are paying enough attention to emerging tech? How can we maximise the potential of innovative tech such as AI, IoT, Machine learning et cetera.

“All industry players understand the importance of tech and most do a great job of adopting the newest trends. However, with the growing range of smart solutions that can potentially improve your business, it is crucial to invest in the ones that will bring you tangible results and advantage. The biggest question for the whole industry now is how to identify such solutions and use them to their maximum potential.”

As an industry we are currently going through a transitional period, segueing into a new digital age. What are the biggest challenges we are likely to face? And how can we best prepare for them?

“In the incredibly permeable digital environment, the biggest challenge is data security. The iGaming industry is about people and deals with an enormous amount of personal information, which is crucial to keep safe. So, this task has got to be everyone’s top priority.

“Solving this task is a complex issue. On the one hand, it is necessary to invest in modern technological solutions to increase the ability of all systems to effectively counter hacker attacks and accidental data leaks due to technical imperfections; while on the other hand, it is also essential to invest in people–not only IT specialists who can help with the first part of the task–but every employee. After all, to paraphrase a famous truth, a data chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And living, breathing people are vital elements in every digital ecosystem.”

Editors’ Note:

After speaking with Maksym, it’s abundantly clear that our industry has already done a sterling job in embracing progressive technology. But, as Maksym warns so eloquently, we still need to draw a tighter focus when identifying the solutions that can provide real, tangible results and are not just expensive distractions.

To learn more about cutting-edge solutions and how best to leverage the latest tech solutions be sure to attend Maksym’s session at SBC Barcelona this week!

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