SBC Summit Barcelona: Sneak Peak with BetWinner!

Tomorrow marks the start of the iGaming event of the Summer, where industry leaders from around the globe are set to assemble in Spain for a week of high-level networking and learning at The SBC Summit Barcelona.

Widely considered as a milestone event that’s not to be missed, the iGaming elite, BetWinner’s Director of Affiliates, Maha Otu among them, will gather at the famed Fira Barcelona Montjuic, with an expected 15,000 delegates in attendance.

The three-day summit offers excellent networking opportunities, premier content — and an unrivalled schedule of fun social activities in and around one of Europe’s most exciting cities.

Maha and an impressive roster of iGaming thought-leaders will hit the stage to share insights on strategies, investments and critical operational focus issues.

iGamingFuture caught up with the iGaming leader to glean some key insights into the Barça event.

And be given an exclusive taster of Maha’s upcoming summit session.

Why is it so important for African operators like BetWinner to be present at large European-based shows like SBC Barcelona? What are the benefits of attending?

“The African gaming industry is fast growing and though we still have a lot to catch up with in terms of regulations and players’ protection, there’s still enough room for foreign investments. SBC gives a platform to all gaming markets around the world to come together and have live interactions, therefore, unlocking unknown knowledge of that market and attracting foreign investments. As an African operator, these events help me keep up with new trends that may be infused into our operations to improve profitability and have the opportunity to enlighten people about the Nigerian gaming industry.”

What will be discussed at your Roundtable session and what will delegates learn from attending?

“The roundtable discussion would cover key points about the Nigerian market. When it comes to the African gaming industry, we have the top 3 which are Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. Delegates would have a good understanding of the Nigerian market at the end of the discussion as market strategies, regulations and content localization would be discussed. At the end of the discussion, there would be a new narrative about the Nigerian market, erasing out any stereotypical ideas and emphasizing the technological growth of the country.”

Nigeria is notorious for being the iGaming hub of Sub-Saharan Africa but still has a strong retail market. Should potential investors and market entrants have a more omni-channel strategy or is it possible to be successful by focusing on online channels only?

“Due to the high level of poverty being experienced in the country, many do not have access to the internet or can’t afford it and this is why the retail market is striving. However, the Nigerian market has a high growth of a young population who majorly rely on the internet and are constantly using their devices, there’s a huge opportunity for operators to be successful while focusing on online only. Before COVID-19 this would have been hard, but the pandemic caused a shift in the industry giving online operators a strong leverage against retail businesses, we have also seen many political factors that affected retail businesses causing people to rely on online betting. So yes, operators do stand a chance to be successful with online channels only.”

Are there any other Roundtable or Conference sessions that you’re keen on attending yourself and why?

Yes, “The steps to success in player retention: obtaining an edge as an iGaming operator”. This is because as an operator in a competitive market, you have to keep looking for ways to stand out and increase retention, I look forward to learning what I may be missing out and new strategies I can apply.”

Editor’s Note:

After catching up with Maha, the excitement for this upcoming event is red hot.

SBC’s crucial Barcelona Summit provides the perfect platform to discover current market trends, gain high-level industry insights, and especially, connect with industry contemporaries.

It’s an unmissable opportunity. Tickets can still be bought from the SBC website, so don’t miss out.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

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