Spribe: Reaching New Levels in an iGaming Niche

Leading game design studio, Spribe has already seen amazing levels of success with their trend-setting crash game, Aviator. They have taken a niche category within iGaming and added their own twist to give players a fresh, new type of game to enjoy! When operating in such a crowded environment, perhaps creating your own niche is the best way forward to differentiate your brand and stand out from the crowd?

Taras Shurubor is the new COO of Spribe and he has been charged with the responsibility to captain the Spribe plane to new heights. We caught up with him to hear more about his new role at the company and what he sees as the most promising opportunities for growth going forward.

Congratulations on joining Spribe as COO. What attracted you to the company and the job?

“When I first met David Natroshvili, I was immediately impressed by the company’s approach and fierce ambition. I was also impressed that within just a short period of time, Spribe had managed to create a revolutionary “crash game” product which has yielded outstanding results.

“This is extremely impressive, especially when you take into account that the industry is quite conservative when it comes to embracing new verticals and now crash games are a “must-have” of any casino operator’s portfolio.

“I kept in touch with David for some time, and when I was looking for my next move, David offered me an opportunity to join the team.

“It was great to see how dedicated and motivated everyone working at Spribe was and at first, my task was to observe the business and blend into the team and then look to supplement it with various aspects. I have always been attracted to projects and companies that not only set themselves the highest goals but also systematically and steadily achieve them.”

What responsibilities does your role cover? How will you help to drive the business forwards?

“The position of Chief Operations Officer is quite clear for most companies in the technology sector in terms of day-to-day responsibility, which is to be responsible for the operational processes of our company: for recruitment, development, projects and product management and for expanding our presence as an HR brand in those locations and countries where we have offices. What we are keen to instil is that we are all one team working towards the same common business goals. This includes Spribe’s entry into new markets and our global expansion as a technology brand renowned for creating world-famous game content.

“We differ from many organisations because we have well-developed “horizontal connections” within the company. This allows us to create an atmosphere to ensure that everyone working within the company feels valued and that their hard work and commitment result in the company’s overall success. The input from our team is invaluable, which is why we invite anyone to speak on any topic or aspect of the company’s operation – giving them an opportunity to influence the direction of the business. This allows us to develop and advance the business to new levels effectively.”

What are the key priorities over the next few months?

“Our top priority will always be attracting the best employees to solve complex problems so we can continue our phenomenal success.

“We are now focused on developing our office in Warsaw, and in just 5 months, we have hired around 30 highly skilled employees for our European office.

“Our team expansion plans will continue globally as we retain our position as iGaming trendsetters. This goal can only be achieved by recruiting the most talented employees.

“Therefore, we are expanding and adapting the company and our processes to scale accordingly.”

What does it mean to Spribe to have developed the number one crash game in the world? Did you know Aviator was going to be such a hit?

“It’s a fantastic accolade and one we are very proud to be recognised for. When creating a hit game, it’s important to always think about the maximum result. The concept of crash games existed before Aviator. Still, by creating our version of the game, we initiated a whole ecosystem and took a very specific approach to the design and production. Unlike other crash games, we offered operators an opportunity to create a separate “Aviator” vertical, contributing to its popularity. We also worked for a long time on the mathematical model, which is the basis of the game mechanic, why players love the game, and why the trend continues to grow in popularity.

“I’m very proud that we’ve inspired an entire iGaming niche. Many companies are trying to replicate Aviator’s success by creating similar games. We hope these are all successful projects as it will only enhance the crash game vertical overall; however, I’m confident that due to our originality and unique mathematical model, we will continue to hold the number 1 position in the world for a long time to come.”

Does this make it more challenging when launching other titles? Is there an expectation that each new game will perform just as well as Aviator?

“Aviator’s success is inspiring, and of course, we are keen to not just to repeat it, but also multiply it. However, we also realise that recreating such breakthrough revolutionary content doesn’t happen every year. We have set the bar quite high for both the market and ourselves. Therefore, we continue to work with the best people and implement some awesome ideas. We’re always pushing forward to create new flagship games with innovative tools.”

How do you continue to improve Aviator? Or is it as good as it can be?

“No one should stop their self-improvement process. This also applies to game content. Aviator is popular for its originality and unique game mechanics, which have become the key to its success. On the other hand, we have to keep that originality while adding new features to enhance the game. We recently updated the game UI and are also working on Engagement Tools that will make the game even more interactive.”

What can we expect from Spribe in 2023?

“2023 has been announced as Spribe’s World Tour as we have planned to exhibit at numerous iGaming events worldwide, for example, G2E Asia, Sigma Americas, SBC Barcelona and many others. Such a broad brand presence across every continent assures the operators in each geographical market that Spribe is a trusted game content provider. It also gives operators an opportunity to come and meet us face to face, meet our team and talk about our existing and future collaborations.

“In addition, we plan to release a number of other games this year. Stay tuned and follow us to be the first to know what new game content will be presented by Spribe this year.”

Editor’s Note:

Looking ahead, Spribe seems poised for an exciting period of growth under its new COO.

The company’s emphasis on attracting top-tier talent and producing revolutionary gaming content, such as their popular crash game, Aviator, sets a high bar for the industry.

When operating within such a highly competitive market, mastering your own niche could be the key to gaining market share and retaining players.

Spribe’s strategy to expand its global footprint through its 2023 World Tour will further cement its reputation as a forward-thinking game content provider. With a collaborative work culture, a commitment to continuous improvement, and an ambitious plan for new game releases, Spribe is set to redefine the future of the iGaming industry.

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