Strategic Alliance between SGG Media and Pro League Network Enhances Sports Content

SGG Media and Pro League Network (PLN) have entered into a strategic partnership to leverage SGG Media’s extensive network of over two thousand sports micro-influencers and its 60 million sports enthusiast followers. This collaboration aims to launch dynamic social media marketing campaigns promoting PLN’s diverse and engaging sports content portfolio.

PLN, a premier sports media and entertainment entity, was established in 2022 with the mission to innovate the sports entertainment landscape. By marrying a variety of sports with the creative power of social media influencers, PLN offers a distinctive watch-and-wager experience that aligns with the evolving preferences of today’s sports fans.

PLN’s lineup includes some of the most viral sporting events on the global stage, such as the World Putting League, CarJitsu Championship, SlapFIGHT Championships, and the eagerly awaited str33t 3×3 streetball league. The latter is a collaborative effort with NBA legend Kevin Garnett and Big Ticket Sports, promising to deliver high-stakes, fast-paced urban basketball action.

These unique sporting events are accessible for wagering through leading sportsbooks like DraftKings, bet365, and Betfred, both in the U.S. and internationally, marking PLN’s sports as a significant addition to the igaming and sports betting ecosystem.

This partnership between SGG Media and PLN not only amplifies the visibility of PLN’s innovative sports content but also sets a new standard for integrating sports entertainment with social media marketing, promising to captivate and engage sports fans across the globe.

“Many of Pro League Network’s events offer legal wagering our targeted micro-influencer social media sports fan audience may find interesting and entertaining” says Troy Paul, SGG Media CEO. “The sports offered may be something you have never seen before, but they are compelling, and you can’t turn away once these events start streaming!”

Mike Salvaris & Bill Yucatonis – Pro League Network Co-Founders said “Pro League Network’s goal is to introduce fun, live, betable, professional sports events to a new generation of players. These types of sports are fun for groups of fans to stream and watch in their own physical and online communities.”

“We aim to modernize sports entertainment by capitalizing on the exploding live-streaming sports wagering market. SGG Media’s experience in social media, excellent portfolio of highly engaged micro-influencer content creators, and unique approach to marketing are leading this new chapter in the history of alternative sports” says Troy Paul – SGG Media CEO.

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