Sustainable Gambling Conference by Kindred to Focus Safer Gambling Once More

Kindred Group hosts the Sustainable Gambling Conference for the sixth consecutive year, bringing together experts from inside and outside of the industry to share ideas on how operators can offer a thrilling gambling experience that is also safe and responsible. Aspects that are crucial for a sustainable gambling industry. The theme of the 2021 conference is “Safer gambling: a shared responsibility”.

Kindred Group will host the Sustainable Gambling Conference for the sixth time, this year as an online event. Internationally renowned speakers such as Nurit Nobel, Researcher in Economic Psychology and co-founder Impactually, Dr. Mark D. Griffiths, Distinguished Professor of Behavioural Addiction at Nottingham Trent University, UK and Janne Elvelid, Head of Public Policy, Sweden & Finland Facebook, will share their knowledge. Regulators from Sweden, Malta, France and Denmark will participate in a panel discussion about the role of the regulator, and Ryan Pitcher and Christopher Gilham, co-hosts of the gambling addiction podcast All Bets Are Off will moderate one of the panel discussions on “Coming together to provide a more sustainable industry”.

“This year’s lineup of speakers is extraordinary. We have a very wide spectra of experts from inside and outside the industry. It is truly important that we all take learnings from other’s sectors to better ensure consumer protection,” says Maris Catania, Head of Responsible Gaming and Research, Kindred Group.

Crucial questions will be discussed during this year’s conference: Sustainable Gambling – myth or reality? How can we work closer inside and outside the industry? How can we learn from other industries? These will be discussed among representatives from Trustly, TIN Fonder, EFDN, Bonnier News and NOGA. In addition, there will be speakers from Kindred Group, Bournemouth University, TalkBanStop, EPIC Risk Management and EGBA.

“The Sustainable Gambling Conference started six years ago, when we joined forces with the local treatment centre in Malta, FSWS. The aim has always been to have a unique set of speakers and discuss the very important topics that at times, are left ignored. This conference is a platform to give a voice to all involved in gambling, and allows a collaborative framework for future work. Having experts by experience, PhD students, leading researchers, affected others, and industry representatives in our arena is both beneficial and needed,” concludes Catania.

Kindred Group organises the Sustainable Gambling Conference with the purpose of connecting the industry and stakeholders to discuss how we all can work together to secure a more sustainable gambling industry.

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