The Future of Compliance in iGaming

It’s a fact, more people are enjoying online gaming responsibly than ever before. But despite its growing popularity across the globe, problem gambling and compliance failures still plague our industry, minimising player lifetime values for operators everywhere.

With the emergence of innovative new tech on the market, multijurisdictional operators have the opportunity to effectively manage their RG and compliance processes at scale, whilst still maximising their customers’ experience.

Further to a recent iGF Virtual Roundtable on the same subject, this Magazine sees some of our industry’s foremost future thinkers discuss the dynamic relationship between tech and compliance, looking at the best ways to leverage it to achieve your business objectives.

Learn from our esteemed panel as they share their outlook for compliance and risk management in iGaming whilst exploring how we can use it as a tool to create sustainable growth, enhancing player lifetime value.

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Magazine Contributors

Alistair Facciol
Director of Legal & Compliance
Rhino Entertainment Group

Lance McIntosh
Head of Compliance

Sam McKnight
Head of UK Compliance & Deputy MLRO

Ohad Straschnov
Senior Compliance Director