tombola Launches ‘Wordsearch’: A New Bingo Twist

tombola, a well-known bingo site, has introduced ‘Wordsearch,’ a unique twist on the traditional bingo format. Developed by tombola’s in-house team, Wordsearch offers players the chance to win jackpots of up to £1,000.

In the game, players need to find and match nine words in their wordsearch grid from 36 randomly selected options to win. They can also use the auto mark function to match the words. Wordsearch features different themes, such as summer, baking, and football, with a new theme introduced after each round.

tombola is known for its innovative ‘non-number’ options, including Cinco, which replaces balls with a card deck, and Morph, where players match shapes to win.

The launch of Wordsearch is part of tombola’s efforts to provide diverse gaming experiences. They have previously introduced arcade free-to-play game ‘Super Spins,’ as well as ‘Gaelic’ and ‘Bingo 30!’ on their arcade and bingo sites respectively. With over 100 different online game rooms available, tombola customers have the opportunity to play and chat, with a Jackpot winner crowned approximately every 19 minutes. The introduction of Wordsearch adds to the brand’s commitment to delivering engaging and entertaining games to its players.

Speaking about the launch, Product Manager, Jayne Iqbal, said: “We’re delighted to be bringing Wordsearch to market. At tombola, we’re really proud that all of our games start life with our research and development team before they travel through the design, animation and development teams, eventually being rigorously looked at by our in-house testing team before landing in players’ hands on the tombola sites and apps!”

Head of brand and planning, Dawn Howe said: “The launch of Wordsearch cements our criteria as the most innovative bingo brand on the market. Producing all of our games in-house means we are able to really push the boundaries beyond the traditional number format and bringing unique games to the market.

“As with all of our games, we want our players to enjoy Wordsearch responsibly. We’re constantly looking at how we can ensure that playing with tombola remains a safe and considered experience for all of our players. For instance, we recently updated our industry-leading Safe Play tools, further limiting monthly deposits for players under 25.

“This measure has been taken following extensive research into cognitive development around this age group and is another way we demonstrate our commitment to putting our player community at the heart of everything we do.”

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