Totalizator Sportowy and Playtech Extend Long-Term Alliance

Playtech, a key provider in the iGaming industry, has announced the extension of its long-standing partnership with Totalizator Sportowy, the national lottery operator in Poland. This extension comes after a fruitful multi-year collaboration focused on the online casino platform of Totalizator Sportowy.

Playtech initially secured this exclusive contract with Totalizator Sportowy, a state-owned entity with over 60 years of experience, through a rigorous public tender process. The decision to continue this partnership underscores Playtech’s strengths in delivering services that appeal to large government-run organizations in both regulated and newly regulated markets, as well as resonating with local players.

Over the past five years, Playtech has been instrumental in providing Totalizator Sportowy with advanced technology solutions and a broad array of innovative gambling products. This includes Playtech’s leading platform and casino content, along with their cutting-edge Live product. This collaboration has played a crucial role in reinforcing Totalizator Sportowy’s status as a modern national online casino operator, offering a high-quality gaming experience to a vast number of players throughout Poland.

The ongoing growth and success of Totalizator Sportowy’s online operations can be attributed to the innovative efforts made by the company, in close cooperation with Playtech, over the last five years. This partnership continues to solidify Totalizator Sportowy’s position in the iGaming landscape, leveraging Playtech’s expertise and technology to enhance and expand its offerings.

Mor Weizer, CEO at Playtech, said, “We are delighted and proud of being chosen once again following a strict tender process as a strategic partner of Totalizator Sportowy. Our successful partnership and collaboration with Totalizator Sportowy, has strengthened Playtech’s position as the leading technology provider in the Polish online casino market. We look forward to continuing this partnership and strengthening our commitment to the Polish market by extending our presence in Poland and delivering top-notch solutions tailored for Polish players.”

Olgierd Cieślik, CEO at Totalizator Sportowy, said, “By extending collaboration with Playtech, Totalizator Sportowy wants to ensure its commitment to working with the best in the online casino industry in order to deliver enhanced and personalized entertainment to players across Poland. Playtech’s dedication to ensuring safety and responsible gaming is a contributing factor in this decision, as this approach aligns with Totalizator Sportowy’s values and helps us meet Polish user’s expectations by providing the best offering possible.”

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