Ukraine, Player Engagement and Crossover, Sergey Portnov, CEO, Parimatch

Sergey Portnov - CEO of Parimatch

With recent developments meaning regulated gambling is finally set to return to Ukraine in 2020, it’s an exciting time for Eastern European iGaming growth.

We caught up with Sergey Portnov, CEO, Parimatch, to hear his insights on the market and some of the strategies that Parimatch will deploy in their domestic region.

Why is Ukraine such an exciting opportunity for Parimatch and the iGaming industry? 

“Parimatch was born in Ukraine, so we are very excited and supportive of the gambling legislation reform process currently taking place. We are proud of the experience we offer our millions of customers internationally, and after 11 long years of waiting, we are really pleased to be able to provide these same exciting products to our home market, and entertain the people of Ukraine.”

Is Eastern Europe where the growth will come from in Europe? As Regions such as the UK are very saturated. 

“Eastern Europe has all the potential to become the cause of the growth in gaming. These regions have less experience and shorter history comparing to the UK. Therefore, they tend to be more flexible and client oriented.”

Ivan Liashenko (Parimatch CMO) has spoken about using new mediums to engage customers, for example the Parimatch podcast series. What impact will the success of these mediums have on the future of Parimatch engagement with players?

“Utilising different mediums and platforms help us to create more brand awareness and cultivate loyalty amongst our already existing customers. For example, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our yearly internal strategy session PM:GO had to be held virtually, so for the first time ever we decided to invite the general public to tune in to hear experts talk tech and entertainment.  This is something we have never done before and was well received by all who “attended”, amplifying the Parimatch brand outside of our customer base.

We are currently in the process of developing a podcast product, so watch this space! By using different and popular mediums – such as podcasts, as a channel to connect with our customers, we are keeping them engaged with our brand, whilst also gaining new listeners which will, hopefully turn into new customers.”

We’ve seen a crossover of sportsbook players in the last few months, but how can casino operators keep the converted players playing with the different products? Or will the players just go back to sports again?

“If a customer has enjoyed a new product experience with us, and finds it interesting and entertaining, then they will continue playing. The impact of the pandemic is constantly evolving and changing, and whilst sportsbook players are clearly enjoying sports being played again, they are now open to other forms of betting, such as casino for instance. Customers can enjoy both sportsbook and casino, it isn’t a one or the other scenario.”

Editor’s Note: From talking with Sergey, it’s clear that Ukraine has significant potential and the ability to be one of the next major markets in Europe.

Will using the refined strategies learned from operating in major regulated markets offer the ability to accelerate the development  and growth of online gaming in the Ukraine region?

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