White Label Casinos Set to Shake Up the iGaming Landscape Following Restructure

White Label Casinos, the go-to provider of white-label casino solutions within the iGaming industry has officially launched following a mutual separation from the iGaming Group brand.

Led by Chief Executive Officer Phil Pearson, the newly rebranded former wing of iGG aims to revolutionise the space by offering ‘no-nonsense’ white-label solutions for budding entrepreneurs and established industry names looking to launch their own online casino.

As part of its mission statement, the company promises to offer laser-focused white-label solutions that provide customers with all the essential tools and services they require to set up shop in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

White Label Casinos will start life on strong footing, with more than 170 members of staff moving into its new offices in Pendergardens, Malta, where they will continue to service more than 40 existing clients that were part of the larger groups white label business.

The brand separation of the former white label business enables the newly formed company far greater autonomy in its decisions going forward. Despite working independently of each other, the pair will maintain a client/platform relationship.

In the coming months and years, White Label Casinos plans to secure several new licenses in key jurisdictions, expanding into new markets and verticals. In addition to this, the company also hopes to launch its very own B2C casino brand in the not-so-distant future in line with its own ethos.

Heralding the launch of White Label Casinos, Chief Executive Officer Phil Pearson, said, “The formation of WhiteLabelCasinos fills a gap in the market. Until now there were no independent companies out there offering services that were not tied to a major company or rigid corporate plan.

“Our business differs from others in the space, we’re deviating from the idea of just taking land-based casinos online or mitigating risk of existing white label companies. We want to be different and work with creative people who know how to pull in players, promote brands that is at the forefront of responsible gambling and are keen to invent and innovate new casino technology.

“Sure, we may be quirky and edgy, but when it comes down to it myself, and my team will always go the extra mile for our clients at any time that we are asked, or often before we are asked. The idea is to focus on the relationships, to build long standing partnerships, to offer services that others don’t, and to do something with a difference.”

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