Yaspa Introduces Instant Deposit Feature at Casino Lugano

Yaspa, previously known as Citizen, has implemented its advanced cardless payment system at Casino Lugano in Switzerland, enhancing the payment experience for its patrons. This integration enables guests to instantly deposit and redeem funds while on-site, streamlining the transaction process.

The deployment of Yaspa’s open banking-powered point-of-sale payments is particularly advantageous for Italian visitors to the casino. Previously, these guests faced the inconvenience of arranging bank transfers days before their visit due to slow cross-border settlement, or incurring high fees for withdrawing cash upon arrival in Switzerland.

With Yaspa’s solution, Casino Lugano customers can now effortlessly make deposits. They simply scan a QR code with their mobile device within the casino, redirecting them to their preferred online banking app for immediate fund transfer. This real-time settlement ensures that the funds are readily available at the casino’s cashier terminals.

Yaspa’s utilization of open banking’s faster payment infrastructure eliminates the need for Italian guests to pre-plan bank transfers or withdraw cash with additional fees. Deposits and withdrawals through Yaspa are not only swift but also easily traceable, allowing for quick and accurate fund distribution to customers. This technological advancement marks a significant enhancement in payment convenience for Casino Lugano’s clientele.

James Neville, co-founder and CEO of Yaspa, said: “Open-banking capability is all about finding unique use cases and opportunities to simplify payments for businesses. Partnering with Casino Lugano to solve a real customer problem around making cross-border payments in Europe, in a land-based environment, is an exciting opportunity for us both. It demonstrates the effectiveness of combining local SEPA instant payments with open-banking technology to make processing payments easier for Casino Lugano, while offering a frictionless experience to their customers.”

Paolo Sanvido, CEO of Casino Lugano, added: “We are pleased to welcome Yaspa as an innovative payment method at Casino Lugano. With Yaspa, we are excited to offer more and more services with solutions that simplify the payment experience for our Italian guests, making the gaming experience even more comfortable. Partnering with Yaspa is a great opportunity to keep adapting to change and fully meet the demands of our customers.”

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