Yield Sec CEO Ismail Vali to Deliver Keynote Speech at G2E Las Vegas

Ismail Vali, founder and CEO of Yield Sec, will be delivering insights across the spectrum of betting, gaming and lottery marketplace participation and the fight against criminal, black-market operations when he addresses the forthcoming Global Gaming G2E Expo.

G2E Las Vegas takes place across October 10-13 at the Venetian Expo and will welcome more than 18,000 industry professionals from around the world.

Ismail will be speaking again on the subject: The Betting & Gambling Marketplace. Ismail’s identification that there should only be one expression of the marketplace – the legal, licensed and regulated one – and a move away from using meaningless labels, like “black market” and “gray market”, that seek to define an illegal operator’s unwelcome presence in a regulated jurisdiction by color, when, in fact we should only describe that operator’s reality by its actual name: Crime.

Ismail will be sharing the stage with one of his Industry heroes, Michael Pollock, Managing Director of Spectrum Gaming Group, who will lead a discussion on criminal interference towards land-based resorts. Both these celebrated experts will comprehensively inform, discuss and shatter the myths that criminal operators are somehow beneficial for consumers, industry or any other legal stakeholder group. Ismail Vali, the inventor of the Yield Sec marketplace optimization and protection platform that helps all legal stakeholders take control back from illegal, unlicensed operators and the negative impact they create for our commerce and communities, will deliver the keynote speech from Deep Dive: Illegal Operators & The Marketplace on Monday, October 10th at 11:20 AM-12:10 PM PST at Titian 2205.

Attendees will be presented with an in-depth discussion on the current status of the illegal black market and how the bad actors behind illegal gaming companies are impacting State taxation, Tribal taxation, impact state and tribal governments, consumers, communities and legal, regulated operators and suppliers.

Ismail Vali, Founder and CEO of Yield Sec, said: “Since we launched Yield Sec in August this year, I have been overwhelmed by the positive and celebratory reaction from our clients. Further stakeholder conversations will allow us to develop imminent and future engagement that will see our platform develop internationally, faster, and sooner to those who identify our platform, already, as the only possible solution to keep them in business, profitably, and able to provide good causes funding for healthcare, education and others.

“I’m honored to be joined on the keynote stage by a long-time industry hero of mine: Michael Pollock. I am excited to show Michael and Nevada what I built from an idea and have progressed to a perfect solution for all legal stakeholders.”

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