A Warm Welcome to Readers Old and New

Good day to all gambling industry leaders, thinkers and operators.

Welcome aboard the iGF express and the brand new refit of our www.iGamingFuture.com website.

After 15-months online, the new, updated, iGF.com is now packed with more tools and features, news and analysis, from the top minds in iGaming, to help our industry navigate and anticipate the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Our very name—iGamingFuture—embodies our spirit and core mission: To help our industry be forward-looking, progressive, equal, safe and sustainable.

When we launched in April, 2020—in the midst of the pandemic lockdown—we promised: “iGF will provide its gaming community with tools to be proactive and agile, to minimise risk and maximise opportunity.

“By looking forward we can anticipate the challenges that will impact our way of working and aim to future-proof our businesses — in the most pragmatic way possible.”

Since then online betting, with traditional retail, casinos and bookies shuttered against Covid, has surged and profited from a massive switch to Internet-based action around the world.

Everywhere, the gambling industry has been transformed.

Profits and revenue streams have been saved and boosted by new iGaming offerings, innovative ways of taking the “craic” and pleasure of traditional casino and card games online, the booming international sportsbook market.

These, abetted and powered by a surge in M&A action, are just some of the examples.

From launch, iGF has covered the big breaking stories in-depth — and ridden the thrilling wave of change.

In November we were rewarded for our work and vision by winning the top “Media of the Year” prize at the SiGMA Europe Gaming Awards in Malta for “creating a positive impact on the gaming industry” during 2021.

Accepting the “Media of the Year” trophy, iGF Head of Publishing Rory Niblock-Stuart said: “Of course I’m delighted and very honoured.

“We’ve got a dream team. And although we only been publishing for a little over a year, we’ve beaten out some very tough competitors and good friends.”

Today, at the start of a new year, we hope our fresh new site–with its simple, yet advanced, user experience–makes it even easier for you to connect with fellow leaders and navigate the future of the gaming industry.

We want to make our high-level thought leadership more accessible and inclusive, for everyone in our industry.

Quite simply, as a media leader, we also believe that we are your media servant.

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