Abios Partners with Czech Betting Operator Tipsport to Enhance Esports Offering

Abios, a leading provider of esports data and technology, has partnered with Czech betting operator Tipsport to improve the user experience for their audience by providing statistics from major esports tournaments. Tipsport, which operates one of the largest sportsbooks in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, will now be able to integrate feeds with head-to-head stats and previous performance data of teams and players directly onto their site, offering their audience additional esports information.

Tipsport covers sports and tournaments in the most prominent esports titles, including League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO, VALORANT, and Rocket League. The company further adds value for its users by providing guides, tips, and user-generated analytics that enable both beginners and experienced bettors to access in-depth information on upcoming matchups. This empowers players by enabling them to make more informed decisions while also providing more snackable content to consume.

To provide an enhanced esports experience, Tipsport has augmented its offering with Abios data. With access to historical data for major esports titles, they have built custom-made widgets that include stats for experienced fans and newcomers looking to read up on upcoming matches and familiarize themselves with teams. These widgets include a range of information, such as win rates on champions, head-to-head stats, and average objectives taken, providing a more comprehensive and engaging user experience.

Martin Kopecky, Business Analyst at Tipsport commented, “Together we raised our esports stats to a higher (top) level! And finally, customers love these stats and can’t wait for all the next improvements.”

Niclas Sundell, Head of Sales at Abios said, “We’re happy to help Tipsport engage its audiences with esports by providing statistics from team and player performance, as well as for in-game events. Many esports titles, such as League of Legends, can be easy to understand at a glance, but harder to gain a deeper understanding of. There are over 150 champions with unique abilities, combined with items that give them different advantages in the game to take into account. Not to mention an intricate economical system.

“With information on past performances of teams, new and old audiences can get more informed on esports standings, ultimately becoming more invested in the games.”

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