Bayes Esports and bet365 Expand to US, Launch Esports Betting Products in New Jersey and Colorado

Bayes Esports, the world’s leading supplier for esports live data, is announcing its registration to be an officially licensed sports betting supplier in New Jersey and Colorado, U.S.A. This makes Bayes Esports the first registered supplier in the U.S. to leverage official esports live data directly from a game publisher, to support the next generation of online betting experiences. With the usage of official live game data being crucial to protect the integrity of sports betting, a new standard for integrity in the U.S. betting industry has been set, and the door for esports betting operators to establish themselves in the U.S. has been opened.

With the American gambling market previously being dominated by offline gambling sites, such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City, a new era of gambling and particularly sports betting, is now on the horizon. However, with states opening up to live online betting one by one, and regulations differing between them, it has become quite a difficult task for betting operators to ensure that every part of their betting value chain is sufficiently licensed on a state by state, sport by sport, and even on an event by event basis. On the other hand, the usage of unofficial data offerings or unlicensed services by betting operators can potentially lead them to heavy fines, and being red-listed in a state.

With Bayes Esports now being a licensed esports data supplier in New Jersey and Colorado, the process for betting operators getting registered in these states has become significantly easier.  It has paved the way for them to offer esports betting services with the integrity of esports in mind. Frontrunners are going to be bet365, who are expanding their partnership with Bayes Esports to the U.S., building on a tech stack that has established itself as one of the industry’s guiding offerings.

Furthermore, Bayes Esports is leading the charge in shaping the legislation that will allow live online betting in 31 U.S. states, and esports betting in 9. The company is actively working together with the relevant governing bodies and legislative powers, such as the Nevada Gaming Control Board, to deliberate on how these legislations can be formed to ensure live online betting and esports betting can be offered legally and responsibly.

Amir Mirzaee, COO and Managing Director of Bayes Esports, noted: “Back in May when we announced the closing of our financing round, we stated that we were looking to expand into the U.S. market and that we were looking to become a licensed betting supplier. Today, just a couple of months later, we have kept our promise. The betting market in the U.S. is changing and while it is still lagging behind its European counterpart, it without a doubt will be one of the biggest and most relevant markets in the near future. Out of all the states, New Jersey and Colorado happened to be the most progressive and open to innovation, but we expect others to follow suit very shortly.”


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