BETER and Bayes Esports Extend Strategic Partnership

BETER, the industry’s leading provider of next-gen betting and gaming solutions has extended its strategic partnership with Bayes Esports, the world’s leading supplier for esports live data.

This latest announcement means that BETER will continue to offer the most robust esports product to its clients and enable the company to continue building on its reputation for providing the most comprehensive esports offering.

This partnership not only enables BETER to offer reliable odds, but it also significantly increases the uptime and helps to manage the integrity risks more efficiently.

Evgeniy Bekker, BETER Esports General Manager said: “We are thrilled to have extended our partnership with Bayes Esports and it forms an important part of our overall global strategy for esports leadership. Our team looks forward to a long and prosperous relationship.”

“We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive esports solution in the industry, working with some of the biggest operators in the world and this collaboration cements our position as the leading esports provider in the market.”

Regarding the partnership Martin Dachselt, CEO & Managing Director  at Bayes Esports commented: “Partnering with companies such as BETER, that have the same vision of providing the best betting experience possible, whilst maintaining the highest possible standards, will only help to create a credible and trusted industry.

“It has been partnerships such as this, built around official live data, that have actively contributed to the development of esports as a whole and we are delighted to continue our partnership with BETER.”

BETER is also part of the Bayes Esports Partnership Program, a global network that is making strides towards establishing rules and solutions, by setting standards within the esports industry to ensure the long term integrity of this sector. The network is an opportunity for companies such as BETER to collaborate on the development of tools that can ensure the reliability of esports competitions and the legality of esports betting services – all working to a more sustainable esports future.

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