Dabble Partners with PandaScore to Introduce Esports Offering

Dabble, a renowned platform for social betting experiences, has teamed up with PandaScore, an provider of esports odds and data. This collaboration aims to introduce Dabble’s first-ever esports offering to players in Australia. Both companies share a commitment to innovation and are pushing boundaries in the realms of betting and esports.

Dabble has established a vibrant community of users who seek a more inclusive and engaging betting experience, both in traditional sports and now in the realm of esports. The Dabble app, available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play store, allows users to follow others, create bet descriptions, and share them with fellow bettors, fostering an interactive and social environment.

Through this partnership, Dabble will integrate PandaScore’s robust Odds feed, enabling the platform to offer a wide range of pre-match markets across thousands of events. Major esports titles such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and CS:GO will be covered, providing players with ample betting opportunities. PandaScore’s odds models are backed by a team of expert esports traders, ensuring that Dabble can provide competitive odds in the market and maintain industry-leading margins. Additionally, Dabble will have access to 24/7 trading support, post-match odds analysis, and historical data.

In order to further enhance player engagement, Dabble has chosen to implement PandaScore’s BetBuilder tool. This feature empowers players to curate their own personalized bet slips, adding an extra layer of customization and interactivity to their betting experience.

The partnership between Dabble and PandaScore signifies an exciting step forward for Dabble’s platform as it ventures into the realm of esports. By leveraging PandaScore’s odds and data capabilities, Dabble aims to offer its users a diverse range of betting options for popular esports titles. This collaboration exemplifies Dabble’s commitment to delivering engaging and betting experiences, while PandaScore continues to be a leading provider of esports odds and data.

Dasha Kirilishina, Senior Sales Manager at PandaScore, said: “We are a data-driven company that sits at the cutting-edge of technology, esports and betting. In Dabble, we have an operator that shares our love of innovation, which makes this the perfect partnership for both parties.

“We offer the most comprehensive esports odds, powered by the best data in the business. We combine this with our team of expert traders to ensure partners such as Dabble can offer the best value and experiences to their players. Our BetBuilder takes this to the next level, giving more control to players over the bets they place.

“This is a great partnership for us and one that we believe will be a tremendous success for PandaScore, Dabble and most importantly, bettors.”

Tom Rundle, Dabble Chief Executive Officer, added: “We knew our customers wanted to bet on esports, so we needed a partner that could consistently deliver a wide range of betting odds, and with a high level of accuracy in their pricing.

“Our deal with PandaScore gives us confidence that when combined with our unique Dabble social features, we can now deliver an unrivalled betting experience for esports fans in Australia.”

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