The Netherlands Online Gambling Association (‘NOGA’) welcomes the EM Group as a new member of the trade association.

With the joining of EM Group, NOGA takes another important step in its ambition to unite the industry, providers and suppliers under one banner and to promote the common interests of the sector. Cooperation and the exchange of best practices nationally and internationally, cooperation and thinking about the (self-) regulatory framework in the Netherlands to ensure robust consumer protection, responsible gambling and a level playing field are the main goals to which NOGA is committed. Only united can the industry make the Dutch online gaming market the success story it should be and therefore it is great news that EM Group has decided to join NOGA.

Peter-Paul de Goeij, Managing Director of NOGA, says: “EM Group joining us is a boost for NOGA. The beauty of it is that EM Group also endorses NOGA’s core values and objectives and helps to achieve and defend them. Their background in compliance, in the Netherlands under strict supervision of the Dutch Central Bank, is a great added value for us and it also offers a wealth of additional expertise and experience that can only benefit NOGA’s members and the wider industry. We are convinced that this addition of NOGA and EM Group is more than the sum alone and it will lead to synergies for us all.”

Kees-Jan Avis, Managing Director of EM Group Netherlands says: “As EM Group we are very pleased to be part of the NOGA family. Besides the fact that as a group we bring over 15 years of experience in this industry, we have extensive experience in operating in a highly regulated environment in the Netherlands. Apart from our product in terms of segregation of player assets, EM Group also has knowledge of and extensive experience in operating as a company in the Dutch market, which extends beyond licensing requirements. Consider, for example, the objectives and core values in terms of integrity and social responsibility of the sector. NOGA also endorses this and that is why we are entering into this partnership with a great deal of conviction and trust. Our goal is to jointly contribute to the online gambling market in the Netherlands and abroad. “

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