Entain: Sustain ESG Showcase Event

Entain, the global sports betting, gaming and interactive entertainment group is today holding its second annual sustainability and ESG showcase event, Entain:Sustain 2022.

Entain: Sustain announcement highlights

  • ARCTM Safer Gaming programme, rolled out to 22 of the Group’s global markets, with the real-time model now active in nine markets
  • One million interactions proactively delivered, leading to significant reduction of risk-associated behaviours
  • Launch of Drive for Diversity, new initiative with McLaren Racing to support women in building tech-based careers
  • Publication of 2022 Social Impact Report, detailing the positive effects of the Entain support of grassroots sports and D,E&I

Jette Nygaard-Andersen, Entain’s CEO, commented: “I am incredibly proud of the lead we have taken in so many areas of ESG. We are doing so because it is the right thing to do for our customers, for our communities, and for our colleagues. It is also the best way to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of our b

Being a socially responsible company is not just important for us, it is at the heart of our purpose. ARCTM is proving to be a game changer in enhancing player safety, while our programmes to promote diversity and support grassroots sport are delivering meaningful change.”

ARCTM and Safer Gaming

Entain is today publishing updated results on the performance of ARCTM (Advanced Responsibility and CareTM), the Group’s award-winning[1] safer gaming initiative.  Phase one of the programme, utilising a unique predictive Protector Model, has been rolled-out to 22 of the Group’s international markets, with phase two, which provides real-time interactions, now live in nine markets. ARCTM has now passed the milestone of one million customer interactions[2] proactively delivered to help customers manage their betting and gaming.

ARC’sTM Protector Model encompasses 26 markers of protection, utilising data from Entain’s activity-based algorithmic modelling. The accuracy of this modelling has been assessed by EPIC Risk Management, the independent harm-minimisation consultancy, to exceed 90%.

The UK has been the first market to go live with the next generation of ARCTM, and is now fully live and operational across all of the Group’s thirteen UK-facing brands, bringing with it a suite of enhancements. These include the addition of new real-time interaction triggers, generated when the system’s AI identifies increased risk factors in a player’s behaviour. Criteria for these triggers include: unusual deposits; increased time spent on sites; use of multiple payments types; and declined deposits.

Analysis has shown that the proactive interactions and interventions generated by ARCTM have positively impacted customer risk profiles, leading to a reduction in behaviours associated with problem gambling and an increase in the adoption of account management tools, such as deposit and play-time limits.

Key performance indicators of ARCTM include[3]:

  • Over 1 million interactions and interventions proactively delivered for over 400,000 unique players
  • 41% of medium/high-risk customers move to low/no-risk following an intervention, with 95% remaining at de-escalated level
  • 25% more customers end their sessions within five minutes of receiving the interaction
  • Over 90% of higher-risk customers set gambling controls following an intervention, with 43% decreasing their deposits in the following eight weeks
  • 48% of medium-risk customers set one or more gaming controls
  • 51% of higher-risk customers reduce risk levels month-on-month following interventions
  • Almost five times higher use of safer gambling tools for higher-risk users compared to those not at-risk, demonstrating targeted nature of ARC
  • Similarly, up to three times higher use of safer gambling tools for medium-risk customers compared to those not at risk

The success of the programme was also recognised earlier this year by GamCare, the leading safer gambling charity, who awarded the Group with their highest level Advanced Safer Gambling Standard for digital operations.  Entain is now working with regulators around the world to see how the approach taken by ARCTM can be adopted to improve player safety.

D,E&I Initiatives

The Group is today announcing that it will be launching Drive for Diversity, a new initiative which will focus on empowering more women to enter and succeed in technology-related fields.

The programme will be delivered in collaboration with McLaren Racing. Entain and McLaren’s mutual commitment to drive greater diversity in STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering and Mathematics) industries will be at the forefront, as will the focus on helping more women who are seeking to reskill or upskill to enter tech industries for the first time; are looking to re-enter the sector following a career break; and are studying STEM-based subjects at university or in further education.

The programme kicks off with an agreement to pilot a series of new initiatives and ventures over one year, launching with an inspiration event at McLaren’s renowned Technology Centre in Woking. In addition, an initial tranche of ten internship places will be established, providing uncharted opportunities by providing experience at the technology centres of both partners over a six-month period.

The initiative builds on the Group’s broader EnTrain programme, which is designed to increase access to education and training in technology and improve diversity. With EnTrain, Entain has set the objective to positively impact the lives of over 1,000,000 people around the world, either directly or through their families and dependents, by 2030.

Social Impact Report

To coincide with Entain:Sustain, the Group has published its 2022 Social Impact Report, providing detail on the results delivered by the Entain Foundation’s investment in good causes, to which it has committed £100 million over five years.

Through the Foundation, Entain focuses on the key areas of: RET (research, education and treatment) of problem gambling; investment in grassroots sport; promoting diversity in and through technology; and community projects.

The Entain:Sustain event will be fully carbon neutral, with all production and travel associated with it off-set by the Group.

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