Episode Eight with Kay Höök and Ronni Hartvig of Betsson Group

It’s our pleasure to welcome you to another episode of the Back to the Future Podcast series — a stream of insightful, bite-sized conversations with industry leaders discussing key issues and, most importantly, the future of iGaming.

In this latest instalment of Back to the Future we catch up with two of the architects behind the shiny new NordicBet rebrand: Kay Höök, Director of Brand and Creative, Global Marketing at Betsson Group Ronni Hartvig, CCO & CMO at Betsson Group.

NordicBet has a 20 year history and comes from humble, passionate beginnings. The love for sport is a key driver and this has been well reflected in their recent rebrand. We spoke with the leaders of their creative and marketing teams to get a better understanding of why they’ve chosen to rebrand and most importantly how they plan to leverage this going forward.

This episode is a great chance to get a rare insight into one of Europe’s largest operators and understand how they plan to shape the future of the market with their passion for Making Sports Bigger!


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