GG.BET and Esports Charts Collaborate to Offer Insights on Copenhagen Major 2024

Esports analytics service Esports Charts, in collaboration with GG.BET, has unveiled exclusive gaming and betting statistics for the inaugural CS2 Major. This comprehensive data sheds light on players’ and teams’ performances, along with unique insights into viewer betting trends.

The partnership between GG.BET, a prominent international betting brand, and Esports Charts has resulted in a wealth of data encompassing various aspects of the tournament. From notable player achievements to team dynamics and viewer betting preferences, the insights offer a comprehensive overview of the Copenhagen Major 2024.

Discover captivating statistics such as thrilling comebacks, bomb planting frequency, Zeus x27 kills, and more, all meticulously analyzed by Esports Charts. Additionally, gain insights into GG.BET customers’ betting patterns, including preferred teams and notable winnings throughout the event.

Prior to the playoffs, GG.BET shared highlights and results from the Opening and Elimination stages, providing valuable insights for enthusiasts and bettors alike. Following the conclusion of the final match, comprehensive data summarizing the entire tournament was made available to the public.

Esports Charts’ reputation for in-depth analysis of esports streams, combined with GG.BET’s widespread popularity among esports enthusiasts, has facilitated the collection of valuable information that offers unparalleled insights into the Copenhagen Major 2024. This collaborative effort demonstrates a commitment to delivering informative content that enriches the igaming community’s understanding of esports events.

GG.BET press office: “GG.BET and Esports Charts have a lot in common; we both dig deep into tournaments and track every movement on the screen. Our specialists track hundreds of statistics and regularly provide unexpected insights. We came up with this project alongside Esports Charts so that we could share all the information we’d uncovered with the entire esports community. We’re confident that every reader will find something that fascinates them, especially considering that it concerns a tournament as important as the first ever CS2 Major.”

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