Greco Secures Partnership with Leading iGaming Company, Betsson Group

Handshake Partnership

Gameplay risk management platform, Greco, is proud to announce that it has secured a partnership with Betsson Group, a premier iGaming company. The partnership will provide Betsson Group with Greco’s cutting-edge gameplay risk engine to improve player management and bring further efficiency to their customer engagement strategy.

“Our Analytics team has worked with Greco on numerous occasions. We value their advanced and groundbreaking approach to detecting unfavorable player behaviour and developing better strategies on mitigating such risks. We are thrilled to be early adopters of their new technology and we are excited for the future of our partnership with Greco,” said Dragica Krsteva, Director of Analytics at Betsson Group.

The partnership allows Betsson Group to leverage the power of Greco’s gameplay risk engine to facilitate real-time behavioural risk-based segmentation, player account actions and player communications that can prevent high-risk behavior at first sign.

“We are incredibly thrilled to welcome Betsson Group as a partner,” said Ozric, CEO and co-founder of Greco. “Our goal is to determine the behavioural risk and theoretical value of every player under every circumstance. These metrics have the power to reshape the industry.  Betsson has a world-class analytics team, and as we continue to develop the Greco platform and sandbox new features, their feedback is going to be invaluable.”

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