GVC advises potential financial impacts of new UK lockdown

GVC Holdings PLC, the global sports betting and gaming group, today provided an update regarding the impact of enforced retail closures across UK and Europe as a result of further restrictions due to Covid-19.

Further restrictions have now been imposed in England, in addition to those already in place across the wider UK Retail and European Retail operations.

In order to provide clarity on the impact of the enforced store closures on the GVC retail operations, they set out below the approximate impact on EBITDA as a result of a) current closures for the required durations as notified as of today, and b) the impact if all retail stores were to be closed for a full month.

These estimates include the benefit of government support where available and other retail cost mitigation.

Estimated EBITDA impact of currently required retail closures Estimated EBITDA impact if all retail outlets were required to be closed for a whole month
UK Retail £27m £34m
European Retail £10m £9m
Total £37m £43m
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