iGaming 2023: Maximising Growth Through Gamification with Uri Poliavich, CEO, Soft2Bet

As iGaming continues to develop, drawing the next-gen of bettors into the space, operators are keen to stay ahead of the curve – by making the most of the latest cutting-edge tech emerging on the market.

Keeping an evolving audience engaged is an ongoing challenge; especially as we transition into a 360 Digital Age and keep up with modern consumer expectations. 

New processes such as gamification–along with AI-driven products–promise to answer, perhaps even conquer, many of the challenges. But how much can they really be relied upon to help achieve growth and fulfill operators’ objectives and dreams of success?

We caught up with Uri Poliavich, CEO of market-leading platform provider Soft 2Bet, to find out the true value of these exciting new audience engagement tools and, most importantly, how they can be best used to grow our iGaming industry.

The world of iGaming is always evolving. In the context of gamification, what emerging trends or technologies do you predict will shape the future of the industry over the next five to 10 years?

“Tech innovations are the main driver of Soft2Bet business that impacts the industry now and will continue in the future. We combine the iGaming experience with gameplay niches, like mobile casual games, consoles, and skill gaming in real time. 

“This leads to innovative games such as: 

  • Bonus Crab, a real time claw machine with toys prizes that can be converted to bonuses;
  • Betinia stadiums, a highly localized gamification mechanic that links engaging sports with stadium building in different virtual cities;
  • City Builder, our top solution to date, which combines a Roman city builder with an online casino experience;
  • Brand new feature, a next-level gamification that combines a BattleSlot with a card game; players capture new territories through winning battles and get bonuses for each win.

“The next step is socialization, which allows players to unite into groups or clans, exchange achievements and bonuses, or simply chat. 

“Several examples include a PvP arena that allows players to compete between themselves, to see who gets the best luck and the highest odds when playing slots, and a Marketplace, another feature in development, that will allow players to trade in-game items between themselves.”

With the increasing integration of AI and machine learning in various industries, how do you envision these technologies playing a role in personalizing and enhancing gamified experiences for users in iGaming?

“Well, AI is everywhere. One joke doing the rounds is that: “Instagram knows me better than my wife.” It knows me better than I do, so it provides an incredible level of content personalization, even if it’s quite terrifying.

“The Era of AI is coming, if not already here, and Soft2Bet uses it for different functions such as design, art, gamification, and software development. AI and ML are used in website navigation and search, personalization, players’ segmentation, optimization of our bonus engine and CRM campaigns, and much more.”

How do you see gamification evolving to ensure both business growth and player well-being in terms of responsible gaming?

“All our gamification features are transparent and clear for the player. It’s an entertainment tool for free play without real money spent. Technology can be easily adapted to any regulatory requirements, so, indeed, innovation and compliance can walk hand-in-hand.

“Take, for instance, our Betinia project tailored for the Swedish audience. It’s a good example of gamification that has engaging challenges and rewards, being a reputable and responsible brand in the Swedish market. It was even awarded the title of Best User Experience brand by a Swedish affiliate.”

While gamification presents numerous opportunities, it’s not without its challenges. As we look to the future, what potential obstacles do you anticipate for the widespread adoption of gamification in iGaming, and how might companies like yours navigate these challenges?

“Our industry is very conservative. Most of the platforms’ frameworks are outdated, non-scalable, or have huge tech issues. Monolithic platforms, template brands, manual bonuses, lack of new features. 

“At Soft2Bet, we transform challenges into opportunities and tech innovations.

“Our v.2 Platform is based on microservices technology and includes a payment gateway, bonus engine, GSP gateway, enhanced affiliation marketing tools, player retention tools, and, as a key advantage, our proprietary gamification engine, which greatly enriches gameplay and lifetime value.  

“Our bonus engine tool can automate any volume of localized CRM campaigns to keep players engaged.  Using auto segmentation, we present deals that match player profiles, ensuring we meet regulatory standards.”

Soft2Bet places a significant focus on gamification in its work. How can we see this focus realized in the upcoming years? Can you provide any teasers on innovations, or strategies, that Soft2Bet is exploring to stay ahead in the game?

“Gamification is a key pillar of our partnerships and roadmap planning. Soft2Bet technologies can satisfy different audiences that are searching for endless emotions, switching between various types of gameplay. Dopamine loop, as smart people say 🙂 

“As a teaser, I can share some mechanics Soft2Bet is developing right now: 

  • ‘Mix of Casino’ project with Time Master type of game that comes from social gaming. 
  • Combination of slots with cards.
  • Combination of a casino with farm type of games and war strategy games. 
  • Combination of Sportsbook project with football manager type of game.

“And we will definitely continue to promote new types of City Builder gamification technology.”

Soon, you will speak at the SBC Barcelona Summit. What topic will you discuss and what will the audience gain from attending your session?

“At the SBC Leaders Summit, I will participate in the Central & Eastern Europe Roundtable, discussing the potential, challenges and prospects of the CEE markets. It’s a relatively young, very dynamic region for the iGaming industry, and there’s a lot going on there that operators and providers alike can build their success upon. I think the roundtable will provide important tips and insights for anyone interested in developing their business in this region. “

Editor’s Note:

After speaking with Uri it’s clear that gamification can be a vital tool if used correctly by operators. It’s the first step on the route to socialization and will be a key power source for engaging the new generation of socially driven players. 

Plus, with the added capability of AI integrated products, the future growth possibilities are endless. 

We look forward to seeing how our industry develops as more of us continue to adopt these new tools and technology.

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