J3STER.GG Presents Encouraging Beta Results Ahead of Official Launch

J3STER.GG, a live-streaming betting company, has recently introduced a beta version of its services as it prepares for the forthcoming full launch.

The platform combines elements from the thriving Esports vertical with influencers, enabling viewers to place bets on Twitch streamers’ performance in popular FPS games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Valorant.

During its initial week of beta release, J3STER.GG provided its services to 40 players and generated nearly 10,000 GBP in bets over a two-week period.

With a focus on supporting both content creators and viewers, J3STER.GG offers multiple options for utilizing winning bets, including withdrawals, sharing a portion of the winnings with the streamer, or donating the full amount.

The platform has already attracted various influencers, providing them with a monetization avenue for their streams. Notably, J3STER.GG has formed a partnership with Forbidden, a UK-based eSports team, solidifying its presence in the competitive Call of Duty sector. Additionally, prominent Valorant content creators like Subroza, Prod, and FlowAscending are also featured on the platform.

J3STER.GG is gearing up for its full launch on 1st September 2023, with plans to introduce additional influencers and enhanced betting features.

Kevin Des Lauriers, CEO at J3ster.gg, said: “The past week has provided us with substantial insight and opportunities. From our initial launch, it is clear that players enjoy the interactivity of setting challenges for streamers, whilst content creators have a reliable avenue for monetisation.

“As we gear up for our full release and welcome even more influencers onto our platform, this initial launch has bolstered our concept and secured it as a successful business model.”

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