Jokerstar Selects Neccton’s Mentor Solution for German Operations

Jokerstar, a fast-growing player in Germany’s burgeoning regulated iGaming market, has joined the ranks of leading gambling brands around the globe by adopting Neccton’s mentor software to fulfil both its Responsible Gambling, and Anti-Money Laundering requirements.

The company is part of Kling Automaten gmbh which owns 165 gambling locations in Germany. The online brand is one of nine companies currently listed on Germany’s national regulator’s White List.

Germany has only enjoyed a legal online gambling market since 2021, and regulations remain stringent for operators – but that has not stopped Jokerstar’s success story. Now Jokerstar has teamed up with Neccton, their players are assured of industry-leading protection while they enjoy their slot and casino play.

German online gambling operators must employ a maximum monthly deposit limit, and also use an academic algorithm to identify problem gambling – which made Neccton’s mentor the obvious choice.

mentor tracks possible problematic gambling behaviour using real-time data analysis and works to help both players and operators to identify potential issues early. For example, mentor recognises triggers such as increased deposit frequency, then alerts the operator and messages the player directly.

mentor also includes modules for Fraud and aCRM so Neccton’s customers can solve many issues with a single supplier.

“We are seeing more and more regulatory bodies use our research to build their operator requirements – and of course we have already used that research to build our software, so we are frequently ahead of the curve, and so are our customers,” said Neccton director and head of development Dr Michael Auer. He added: “We are active in more than 20 markets including New Zealand, Canada and the US and have grown from a responsible gaming provider to a full-service compliance solution.”

Dr Auer continued: “The numbers speak for themselves. An amazing 90% of Germany’s licensed online slots operators are using mentor.”

Jokerstar CEO Jürgen Kling said: “We are very happy to collaborate with Neccton, as they are a trustworthy partner for Jokerstar. Responsible gaming is one of our top priorities in which we want to excel like no other. I am looking forward to a great start with our platform, my team and Neccton!”

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