Kindred Launches Shared Ownership Scheme for Employees

Kindred will give employees the opportunity to share in the success of the Group through share ownership. Building on the All Employee Share Plan (AESP) that was launched in 2017 Kindred launches a new AESP that will run over a two-year performance period.

The scheme will be available to all current and future permanent employees with exception of those on Kindred’s Executive Management team, and shares will be awarded concurrent to Kindred meeting its performance objectives.

“Our people are our most valuable asset and we want to ensure that current and future team members share in the success of Kindred Group. We have committed to make a new share award every year for the next three years in line with our current strategic cycle for the business. We hope this will engage and motivate our employees, and demonstrates our long-term commitment to customers and shareholders”, explains Gavin Hayward, Chief Human Resources Officer, Kindred Group.

“We are aware that other competitors have introduced employee ‘save as you earn‘ type share schemes, which provide the opportunity for employees to purchase discounted shares but we genuinely believe that our AESP is a unique and special benefit which aligns employees with Kindred’s performance, provides them with an opportunity to be shareholders themselves in the company and really differentiates our employee proposition from that of our competitors”, concludes Gavin Hayward

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