Level Up: Xtremepush Acquires Thunderbite

Xtremepush, a leading omnichannel customer engagement platform powered by a real-time CDP, is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Thunderbite, a pre-eminent independent UK-based provider of Free-To-Play (F2P) games.

This acquisition is more than two innovative companies coming together. It’s a game-changing unification that will redefine player engagement and loyalty in the iGaming industry.

The combined strengths of Xtremepush and Thunderbite will offer a seamless experience for operators, driving growth, customer loyalty, and increased retention for the iGaming industry – and way beyond it into other industries.

About Thunderbite

Thunderbite specializes in Sportsbook, Casino, Bingo, and Lottery-oriented games, managing campaigns for over 100 brands worldwide. With 6 years on the market, 30+ F2P & P2P games, and a 100% retention since launch, Thunderbite has established itself as a key player in the industry.

Thunderbite’s tools work on core objectives, including customer retention, VIP, reactivation, and acquisition, offering a full range of gamification options. Recognized as the No.1 Independent Developer of Free-To-Play Games for iGaming Operators in the EU and US, Thunderbite delivers exceptional KPIs for leading operators.

Thunderbite’s F2P practices are seen as a strategic part of product offerings, providing risk-free gaming experiences to earn trust and convert players. The flexibility of the F2P approach allows full customization to match the operator’s needs, making them a key part of acquisition and retention strategies.

Xtremepush and Thunderbite: A Unified Solution

The unified solution of Xtremepush and Thunderbite offers 1:1 player experiences straight out of the box, saving time and enhancing user experience. Combining Thunderbite’s game data with Xtremepush’s real-time data, AI, and Omnichannel Activation, personalized acquisition and retention strategies are delivered, and performing.

Xtremepush is an Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform powered by a real-time CDP. It enables iGaming, ecommerce, financial and publishing companies to leverage real-time data, AI, and gamification to build, grow, and retain strong player relationships that drive conversion and loyalty through lifecycle-specific journeys at scale. All in one unified solution. The acquisition addresses challenges in player acquisition and retention, providing innovative solutions to keep players engaged and loyal.

“This acquisition is about scaling not only business but also vision. Both our teams have pioneered unique approaches in customer engagement. Together, as one unified platform, we’ll tackle industry challenges head-on. We’ll also elevate the standard for what operators should expect from their tech partnerships.”

– John Smith, CEO of Thunderbite

The Future of iGaming with Xtremepush and Thunderbite

The combined offering will revolutionize the role of F2P games in customer acquisition and retention. These games will serve as an educational and entertaining tool for sports betting, retail, financial services, and publishing. The flexibility and customization of F2P games will be leveraged further.

Most F2P games are done in isolation, leading to thinking about lifecycle marketing after the fact.

“Integrating Thunderbite’s game data into our real-time analytics and AI-driven activation features, we’re essentially putting rocket fuel in our customer engagement engine.This acquisition empowers us to offer hyper-targeted, personalised experiences across all customer touchpoints. Like never before.”

– Tommy Kearns, CEO of Xtremepush

With Xtremepush and Thunderbite, you can have the data flowing from day one. Everything is driven from a single place, so all journeys can be automated, switched on, and left to run, freeing up time for your team and making sure all players receive relevant, timely communications that will drive engagement and loyalty.

Thanks to this acquisition, Xtremepush has become the most complete iGaming solution on the market, addressing major pain points for companies who previously had to extract data, analyze it, and then put it back into the marketing platform for activation.

It’s like finding a missing piece to a puzzle, giving now complete insight into marketing operations.

F2P + CDP + Omnichannel + AI = Full Package

This acquisition marks a significant milestone – not only for Xtremepush and Thunderbite, but the entire industry.

With the acquisition of Thunderbite, Xtremepush is not only turning experience into engagement but also transforming experience into loyalty. This exclusive offering has positioned Xtremepush as the only full end-to-end solution in the market, setting it apart from its competitors.

All Thunderbite employees, including all co-founders, are gladly joining Xtremepush, bringing their expertise and innovation to the team.

Now, Xtremepush offers the full package in the one unified platform – engage, convert, retain, loyalty.

This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of the customer journey is addressed, providing unparalleled value to operators and setting a new standard in the industry.

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