Mindway AI’s Birgitte Sand Wins GRA Compliance Lifetime Achievement Award 2021

VIXIO recognizes Birgitte Sand’s regulatory impact on the gambling industry by awarding her the Compliance Lifetime Achievement Award.

Two things are for sure: Birgitte Sand has left a significant mark on Danish and international regulatory affairs, serving as former Director-General of the Danish Gambling Authority and former President of IAGR, the International Association of Gaming Regulators. And her achievements and impact are now set in stone with Vixio’s independent panel of judges awarding her the prestigious GRA Compliance Lifetime Achievement Award 2021.  

Earlier this year, Birgitte Sand entered Mindway AI’s board of directors to support and strengthen the solution provider’s innovative efforts for prevention and safer gambling through her regulatory perspective. Mindway AI creates software solutions to identify problem gamblers early and accurately through 24-7-365 monitoring and profiling of gamblers.  

We would like to congratulate Birgitte Sand on being awarded one of the most prestigious awards in the industry and can only say that it is more than well-deserved. We are proud to have her on our board of directors, and from working with her in that context, her tremendous expertise and regulatory mindset make it obvious why she is receiving the GRA Compliance  Achievement Award. Birgitte has a level of regulatory expertise and insights that support our vision to improve responsible gambling and create a sustainable gambling environment,” says  Rasmus Kjaergaard, CEO of Mindway AI. 

I am so very grateful and honoured. A profound thanks to VIXIO and the people involved in choosing me for this award. But I would like to also thank the many great people I have worked with during my time as a regulator and now as an advisor. I love the energy we share when trying to develop good solutions and support responsible gambling and that’s why I also value my involvement in Mindway AI and how they transform science into workable harm prevention solutions,” says Birgitte Sand. 

Birgitte Sand is a senior executive with 25+ years of experience from leadership covering implementation of numerous comprehensive law complexes, digital transformation of work processes including groundbreaking technological solutions towards companies and citizens.  Being the previous Director General at the Danish Gambling Authority for 12 years, Birgitte Sand brings extensive experience with regulating the gambling industry. She was responsible for a  gambling licensing regime covering both betting, online casino, land-based casinos, lotteries and gaming machines. Birgitte also comes with international experiences from tireless international cooperation and sharing of knowledge. Now, Birgitte Sand is the CEO and owner of Birgitte Sand  & Associates ApS and provides expert advice to governments and the gambling industry. 

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