PandaScore Upgrades Engaging Widgets Product

Leading esports data and odds supplier PandaScore has built on the success of their highly engaging Widgets product, launching a revamped Widgets 2.0. With the update, PandaScore has now launched a dedicated widget for each of the 11 esports titles it offers, including 3 live widgets for CS:GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends. Operators using PandaScore’s widgets are able to better attract and engage esports fans, particularly during live, with highly customisable esports widgets that provide game-specific, real-time data backed by specialist data scientists and traders.

Customisation options include language localisation, branding and editable block layouts (including player stats and team stats) so operators can choose what information they wish to display. Operators also have complete freedom to customise the front-end with their own branding and colours to maintain a consistent user experience. Integration of PandaScore’s Widgets 2.0 is made simple thanks to a seamless iFrame solution, so operators can get up and running with ease.

Bettors will enjoy in-depth esports information for their favourite games, delivered to them via undelayed data – so they know they’re getting a real-time viewing and betting experience. The data is even more granular, and the updated widget offers easy data visualisation that helps better understand the complex elements of the game at one glance. The data sets are catered to each game. For example, League of Legends fans can enjoy easy access to team strengths and weakness data real-time.

PandaScore CEO, Flavien Guillocheau, commented that “we’ve received great feedback from our operator partners about the quality and level of engagement of our widgets, and we saw a great opportunity to give fans more of what they love. Highly granular data that is easy to digest with the updated UI, creates a seamless experience for bettors.

“The Esports bettors want in-depth data, especially during live. Widgets 2.0 adds new layers of engagement for fans with not only highly detailed information but the interface being catered to each game title. Widgets 2.0’s ease of integration and customisability allows operators to give fans high-quality esports engagements with their brand central to the experience.”

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