Pinnacle Cup V Returns with Thrilling CS:GO Action

Pinnacle Cup, a renowned name in the esports community, is set to make an exciting comeback with Pinnacle Cup V, following the success of its previous edition, Pinnacle Cup: Brazil. Building on the spirit of the Pinnacle Cup Championship held in Lund, Sweden in 2022, this upcoming event promises to deliver an extraordinary experience to fans and participants alike.

Continuing their collaboration, Pinnacle will partner with data provider GRID and production partner Eden Esports to ensure a seamless and top-notch tournament. Pinnacle Cup V will maintain its original format, fostering a competitive environment where teams of all skill levels can showcase their talents.

The action-packed journey begins with the “Play-In” stage, as teams battle their way through the Swiss Stage, striving to secure a spot in the playoffs. The ultimate victors will share the prestigious $50,000 prize pool, further intensifying the stakes.

With illustrious teams like Heroic, Astralis, and Fnatic having graced the Pinnacle Cup series in the past, the tournament holds a storied legacy of top-tier competition. As the countdown to August 1, 2023, begins, Pinnacle Cup V is set to create new milestones in the world of esports.

To cater to the diverse global audience, the tournament will be live-streamed on Pinnacle’s English and Russian language Twitch channels, along with the official Pinnacle Cup YouTube channel. The Swiss Stage will witness fierce clashes among teams like ECSTATIC, EYEBALLERS, Aurora, and Spirit, vying for a coveted spot in the playoffs, where they will face off against four invited teams.

Pinnacle Cup V promises to be a thrilling showcase of skill and passion, uniting the esports community for an unforgettable experience. Mark your calendars and be part of the electrifying CS:GO action at Pinnacle Cup V!

Stuart Bridges, Global Esports Partnership Manager: “We are excited to return to our flagship event with Pinnacle Cup V. This latest instalment follows on from the successful launches of previous entries Pinnacle Cup: Brasil and Pinnacle Cup: Malta Vibes.

“Our commitment to the Pinnacle Cup series further demonstrates our ability and ambition to provide long-term and scalable value propositions across our products, as well as deliver compelling content by streaming the competition via multiple channels.

“We continue to remain dedicated to the esports community, providing players, teams, and organisations with the opportunity to compete against the world’s best teams, whilst developing engaging content and storylines that put these groups on the centre stage.”

Harry Wiggett, Head of Sponsorships at GRID Esports: “We are thrilled to once again partner with Pinnacle and leverage GRID’s Esports Solutions to deliver top class entertainment to CS:GO fans, with official data at its core. Pinnacle’s commitment to contribute to the esports scene’s sustainability is unparalleled, and the fact that we are working together on the Pinnacle Cup project for the third consecutive year is the best testimony to our shared values and aligned vision. We cannot wait to see all the teams in action!”

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