Rubik Talent Joins All-in Diversity Project as Strategic Partner

Rubik Talent, a tech skills consultancy focused on diverse talent, declares its support for diversity, equality and inclusion in the industry.

The All-in Diversity Project, an industry-driven initiative supporting diversity, equality and inclusion in the gaming and betting industry, is delighted to welcome Rubik Talent as a Strategic Partner.

Rubik Talent, a new startup in the industry, has a mission to cultivate brilliant minds, through technical training programmes with an industry focus; to help leading technology companies foster a talented, diverse and inclusive workforce.

As the central global resource for all things relating to diversity, equality and inclusion, the All-in Diversity Project is committed to working to create tools such as knowledge bases, workplace tool-kits, training initiatives, learning exchanges, interactive events and to support long-term impactful change across the industry. The latest partnership with Rubik is important and exciting; in an area such as tech where innovation and growth can only happen when we develop new and diverse talent.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with a forward thinking tech talent agency that allows us to start shaking up and breaking down traditional attitudes and approaches to tech and trader recruitment, through education, awareness and training. Talent comes in many different shapes, forms, colours and genders – our partnership with Rubik Talent adds another dimension to our work and allows us to explore previously undiscovered pools of talent such as women and underrepresented groups into the space,” says Co-Founder Christina Thakor-Rankin.

“All industries including iGaming are suffering from a lack of new digital technology skills. We are thrilled to join the All-In Diversity Project as a Strategic Partner, whose values and mission for diversity, equality and inclusion are so closely aligned with our own. Our goal is to provide a grassroots solution through emerging tech talent and the advancement of underrepresented groups to the strategic problem identified by AIDP.”, says Co-Founder & Managing Partner Robin MacDonald.

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