Tabcorp Partners With Mindway AI To Improve Responsible Gambling

Australia’s largest wagering company, Tabcorp, has announced a new partnership with Mindway AI, a global industry leader in customer care software for responsible gambling. The partnership is a significant step towards Tabcorp’s commitment to enhancing player protection and ensuring responsible gambling.

Mindway AI is well-known for its innovative AI-based technology that assists in detecting and preventing problem gambling behavior. The company has already implemented its customer care software across 20 countries, serving over 6.5 million active users per month worldwide. Tabcorp’s partnership with Mindway AI marks the first time the company has collaborated with an Australian wagering company.

The new partnership will provide Tabcorp with enhanced capabilities to intercept and assist potential problem gamblers at an earlier stage. Mindway AI’s technology will enable Tabcorp to identify individuals at risk and proactively intervene to provide necessary support. This approach aligns with Tabcorp’s mission to provide a safe and responsible gambling environment for its customers.

Jenni Barnett, Tabcorp’s Chief Customer Officer, has stated that the partnership with Mindway AI is a critical part of the company’s digital transformation. Tabcorp Chief Analytics and Data Officer, Dr. Amy Shi-Nash, has further emphasized the company’s commitment to using data and analytics to enhance the customer experience.

“Our collaboration with Mindway AI is a key step forward in our commitment to caring for our customers, reducing harm and ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience,’’ commented TabCorp CCO Jenni Barnett.

“This partnership will allow us to use the world’s best technology to better identify and prevent harmful behaviour before it becomes a problem and then implement proactive measures to assist our customers.

“There’s no set and forget in this space. We’ll continue to grow and modify our capability to ensure we remain an industry leader in customer care.”

Tabcorp Chief Analytics and Data Officer Dr Amy Shi-Nash added, “Mindway AI uses a unique combination of neuroscience, artificial intelligence and expert assessments to identify potential problematic behaviour,’’

“Our technology and capability upgrades will allow us to more easily identify changes in customer behaviour and incept those customers before gambling becomes a problem. “We’re excited about the potential, that combines leading-edge AI capability with our deep understanding of customers, culture and human dynamics to develop the best-in-class customer care practice for the industry here in Australia and globally.”

Mindway AI CEO Rasmus Kjaergaard said, “Over here at Mindway AI, we are very proud to count Tabcorp among our partners and we see great potential in the collaboration to help them enhance their player protection. This partnership is part of our global growth, and it marks that by entering a new continent.”

The use of AI-based technology in responsible gambling has been gaining momentum in recent years, with more and more iGaming operators adopting it to enhance player protection. Mindway AI has been at the forefront of this trend, providing innovative customer care software to the iGaming industry. With Tabcorp’s new partnership, Mindway AI will further expand its reach in the Australian market and contribute to a safer and more responsible gambling environment.

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