Team Vitality Enhances Fan Engagement with Abios Esports Data Partnership

Paris-based esports organization, Team Vitality, has entered a long-term partnership with Abios, an enterprise esports data and technology provider. Under this agreement, Team Vitality will integrate Abios’ esports data into its operations to elevate the fan experience.

Utilizing Abios’ comprehensive esports data, Team Vitality aims to enhance its prediction tool, allowing fans to participate in predicting the team’s performance in upcoming matches. Fans will have the opportunity to score points based on their accurate predictions, with top performers featured on a leaderboard and rewarded with exclusive prizes, including merchandise and unique interactions with professional players.

The integration of Abios’ data into Team Vitality’s prediction tool aligns with the organization’s broader strategy to cultivate an immersive fan experience. This initiative follows the successful launch of the V.Hive app in November 2022, which serves as a digital hub for fans, offering news updates, mini-games, and personalized avatars to foster community engagement.

Team Vitality, boasting rosters across various esports titles, will leverage Abios’ extensive coverage to provide data insights for matchups in popular games such as League of Legends, Starcraft II, Counter-Strike, Rocket League, EA Sports FC, and VALORANT.

Through this partnership, Team Vitality underscores its commitment to leveraging data-driven solutions to strengthen fan engagement and provide an enriched experience for esports enthusiasts worldwide.

Oskar Bonnevier Fröberg, CEO and Founder of Abios commented on the partnership: “Team Vitality is one of the oldest and most prestigious esports teams in Europe, and we’re proud to be able to supply them with top-tier esports data.

“With high-performing rosters across many esports disciplines, Team Vitality has millions of fans all over the world. It is fantastic to see their dedication to their fans and how they bring added value to their followers, and we are excited to power Team Vitality with our extensive data and help them to deliver the next generation of esports fan experiences.”

“Through Abios’ interfaces, we are able to provide our fans an immersive experience that goes beyond just watching matches. Together, we’re creating an environment where fans can interact, predict outcomes, and feel even closer to the esports action. Their tech overlay allows us to engage our fans and offer them a more entertaining experience” says Amélie Canet, Director of brand and revenue diversification at Team Vitality.

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