The Future of Esports with Rivalry

An exclusive preview of iGaming NEXT NYC’23:

Take a big bite out of the Big Apple next week as one of the most highly anticipated iGaming events of the year plays in New York City from March 7-9. 

Yes, iGaming NEXT NYC’23 is back.

A dynamic business hub, this key event in the iGaming calendar connects over 650 top-level global iGaming movers and shakers, investment financiers and Metaverse Influencers. Apart from invaluable networking opportunities, NYC’23 also offers a packed conference session, with lots of opportunities to learn and hear valuable insights. 

They have a roster of great speakers, led by esports pioneer Billy Levy, EVP of Corporate Development at Rivalry. 

So who better to crack the iGF conversation as we explore the show’s importance, both to Bill and the wider audience, with the added bonus of getting an exclusive preview of his upcoming panel session.

We kicked off by asking:

Why is it so important to attend events like iGaming NEXT NYC23? What value does it bring?

“iGaming NEXT NYC 2023 is set to be one of the most prominent conferences on the gambling industry calendar this year.

“Conferences of this calibre provide unmatched insights from esteemed industry leaders and disruptive start-ups that you simply won’t find elsewhere. It’s an opportunity to learn from others, discuss pressing topics with like-minded individuals, and network with veterans in the space.”

What is your panel session going to be about? And what will attendees learn from the discussion?

“Our session is set to discuss esports betting, the strategies for building a successful product, and why operators should be paying attention to this emerging vertical. This will include the current and upcoming trends in the space, as well as engaging the next generation of sports bettors.

“In addition to the growing opportunity in this market, we believe that esports is an entry point into a demographic of next-generation users, who aren’t engaging with traditional sports betting and iGaming products. In tandem with our overarching market strategy, esports has helped Rivalry engage an active user base where 82 percent of customers are under 30-years-old, approximately a decade younger than legacy sportsbooks.

“It’s important to note that esports alone won’t generate the results most operators anticipate from simply standing up a new product. The esports and gaming consumer demands real-time, interactive, and engaging products that more closely resemble the forms of entertainment they are most familiar with.

“So we plan to discuss what has been most effective for Rivalry in creating a sports betting experience geared specifically for the next generation of consumers.”

There’s no denying the great potential for growth in the esports sector, reflected by the number of new companies entering this space of late. Can it ever reach the engagement levels of traditional sports betting? What will it take to get the esports sector to this level?

“Esports betting has grown rapidly over the last several years and we expect that trend to continue long-term at an even more accelerated pace. 

“The conversation around esports betting is growing globally. Even in the United States, where the space is much more nascent, regulatory agencies are showing greater interest in the sector and taking steps to make it a more accessible opportunity for both operators and consumers. Having esports as a topic actively in discussion among key stakeholders and decision-makers is a promising sign for how the sector will develop in the coming years.

“We believe esports betting has a promising future. But, as with any other market, it will require energy and attention from a variety of stakeholders such as operators, regulators, game publishers, and more, for it to be positioned on an equal ranking with traditional sports.

“From an engagement perspective, esports offers a great deal of value for operators and those who want to engage a loyal next-generation audience. We see the generational opportunity in esports betting as critical to help drive it to new heights, especially as operators look to incorporate more diversity into their product offerings.”

Are there any other sessions on the iGaming NEXT NYC’23 agenda that you’re looking forward to attending yourself?  

“The event promises a number of high-value sessions and presentations that we plan to attend. 

“We’re excited to sit in on the morning session covering trends and M&A activity in sports betting, as well as “Pardon ‘The Disruption’ – on Sports Betting” in the afternoon with Chris Grove and Paris Smith. 

“Thankfully for us and other attendees, there won’t be any lulls in great sessions, great speakers and great content throughout the event.”

Editor’s Note:

After speaking with Billy, it’s clear that the next generation of sports betting is closer than we can imagine. 

The impressive growth of esports is a direct reflection of the current shift in consumer trends which we are witnessing online. And, according to Billy, it shows no signs of slowing down. 

For traditional sports betting operators, who are considering investing in the esports sector, Billy’s session at iGaming NEXT NYC’23 next week is a must. Attend and they’ll find out how they can best leverage this exciting new vertical.

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