A Zuckerberg Speaks: Taking iGaming Gamification And Player Motivation To The Next Level

Understanding what drives players–and how to give them the best customer experience–has been an ongoing challenge facing operators for decades. 

Since the digital iGaming explosion–catalysed by the Covid19 lockdowns of 2020–, competition between online operators has never been higher.

So it’s key, that in order to minimise levels of churn, and to keep players returning to their platform, that operators need to offer an enhanced product that helps to differentiate them from a crowded pack.

Yoel Zuckerberg, Chief Product Officer for Soft2Bet, for example, believes that the secret to player motivation goes deeper than monetary incentives. For instance, innovative new tools powered by gamification have a lot more to offer, and they can help drive customer experience to a new level of enjoyment.

We caught up with this industry expert to find out more about this game-changing software and, more importantly, how it can be leveraged to power our iGaming industry ever forward.

As iGaming inducts and attracts a new generation of players, how do you see the sportsbook landscape evolving?

“The landscape of sports betting is indeed evolving rapidly; driven by several factors, including changes in players’ demographics and technological advancements. In-play or live betting is gaining immense popularity among the new bettors. This form of betting allows players to engage with sports events in real-time, enhancing the overall experience.

“Virtual sports betting is also rapidly growing, especially for the new generation. 

“For example, I see esports gaining much more traction in the coming years. The sportsbook gamification is rising on the operators’ side as well. We designed the new casino city builder and plan to create something similar for sports players, which will enhance the betting experience and take it to new heights.”

What role do you see turnkey solutions playing in the future of the iGaming industry? Why is this better than developing in-house?

“Gamification is an influential tool for us. It enhances the appeal of our platform and turnkey solutions, making them more enjoyable for users and more lucrative for operators. Our recent city-builder gamification is a great example. It merges betting with casual gaming and provides players with a unique experience, significantly increasing engagement and loyalty.

“We aim to enhance the player experience in the iGaming industry. [One big drawback] is that most platform providers bring similar offers to the market, containing the same games, payment methods, bonuses, and more. You can barely find the difference between dozens of brands. The players get bored and burn out, while providers must compete in a highly challenging market. 

“These factors motivate us to reimagine the industry’s standards and bring unique, captivating twists, ultimately boosting player engagement and retention. Gamification is essential, though it’s just one piece of the puzzle.”

When operating in competitive markets, high player churn can pose a challenge for operators. What can be done to maximise customer engagement going forward?

“Maximising customer engagement and reducing player churn is crucial for operators in competitive markets. Here are some strategies that can help:

Tailor the gaming experience to individual preferences: Utilise data analytics and AI to understand player behaviour and offer personalised recommendations, promotions, and bonuses. Players are more likely to stay engaged when they feel the platform understands and caters to their interests.

Incorporate gamification elements into your platform: Make it more interactive and engaging. Implement features like leaderboards, challenges, achievements, and loyalty programs. These elements provide an extra layer of excitement and competition that keeps players returning.

Keep the gaming experience fresh by regularly adding new content, games, and betting options: Players are more likely to stay engaged when they have something new to explore. This also helps in retaining interest over time.

Ensure that your platform is mobile-friendly and responsive: Many players prefer to bet on the go, so providing a seamless mobile experience is crucial for retaining and engaging customers.

Offer excellent customer support services to address player issues promptly: Players are more likely to stay with an operator who provides reliable assistance.

Promote responsible gambling practices: Offer tools like self-exclusion, deposit limits, and reality checks. Players may be more inclined to stay when they feel that an operator cares about their well-being.

Allow players to provide feedback and suggestions: Act on constructive feedback to improve the gaming experience. When players feel heard and see their suggestions implemented, they are more likely to stay and become loyal customers.

Offer competitive promotions and bonuses: Ensure they are fair and achievable. 

Stay up-to-date with industry trends and technological advancements: Innovate by integrating new features and technologies that enhance the overall gaming experience.

Continuously monitor the competitive landscape and player preferences: Adapt your offerings based on market trends and customer feedback to stay relevant.

“In competitive markets, maximising customer engagement requires a holistic approach that combines personalization, innovation, responsible gambling practices – and excellent customer support. By implementing these strategies, operators can reduce player churn and build lasting customer relationships.”

Soft2Bet are renowned for their extensive industry experience in developing market-leading gamified products and solutions. What have been some of your most valuable insights gained over the years?

“One of the most valuable insights was that you need to learn from other industries, not only from competitors

“Soft2Bet finds innovative solutions far beyond the iGaming niche. We merge betting with mobile casual games, arcade machines, card games, et cetera. This approach reveals to us many ground-breaking concepts. 

“Bonus and Cash Crab games allow players to enjoy their favourite arcade claw machine wherever, and whenever, they want online. City Builder mechanic perfectly matches casual gaming with online betting, expanding player experience with additional gameplay and rewards. 

“We also use advanced user segmentation to offer tailored gamification to Betinia players. They get personalised conditions and rewards according to their activity and deposits. 

“Speaking of business results, we discovered the strong gamification impact on crucial success metrics. Betinia shows a 65 percent increase in average GGR compared to non-gamified brands, with 60 percent of players participating. These numbers confirm the great gamification potential in the iGaming industry. 

“Soft2Bet aims to innovate in the motivational engineering field. And we are working on new gamification mechanics to captivate players’ attention. 

“Here, exclusive for iGamingFuture, I can announce one of them. We combine BattleSlot with a card game inviting players to conquer new territories by triumphing in battles with legendary armies and generals and earn bonuses for each victory. It will be a next-level feature.”

Editor’s Note:

After catching up with Yoel, it’s exciting to see the great steps forward Soft2Bet are making in the motivational engineering field. 

It’s no secret that players often get bored and as a result can burn out frequently. When abetted by fierce competition in a highly-challenging market, this can have a big impact on player motivation levels. 

Our industry is in need of innovation. And with data showing that some operators are experiencing up to a 65 percent increase in average GGR compared to non-gamified brands, it’s clear to see that this is a very viable and winning way forward. 

We look forward to seeing how these exciting and progressive developments impact the future of the iGaming industry.

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