bet365 and SIS Expand Esports Offerings to Kentucky

SIS Content Services, a division of the globally recognized SIS Group (Sports Information Services) and a premier provider of 24/7 live betting services, is proud to announce its entrance into the Kentucky market. This strategic move sees the introduction of ebasketball from SIS’ esports suite on the platform of its longstanding partner, bet365.

Marking a significant milestone, this initiative extends SIS’ reach as a foremost esports betting content provider in the United States, building upon its already successful deployments in New Jersey and Colorado.

The launch in Kentucky is set to captivate a wider audience with SIS’ competitive gaming offerings, enhancing its standing in the esports betting sector. The H2H Global Gaming League™, meticulously crafted for the betting market, showcases over 150,000 annual events produced entirely from SIS’ dedicated gaming studios located in Milton Keynes, UK. The product features cutting-edge, sub-second latency live streaming, integrity oversight by ESIC-trained referees for each game, live commentary, and engaging on-screen graphics designed to bolster bettor interaction.

Characterized by its short-form, event-based structure, SIS’ esports content delivers a comprehensive, integrity-first betting solution that is demonstrably capable of boosting sportsbook margins significantly, contributing up to an additional 10% in value.

Following Kentucky’s adoption of legalized sports betting in September, the state has seen substantial betting activity, with a total handle of $447.8 million from both retail and mobile operations. This flourishing market presents SIS with a prime opportunity to broaden its product offering within the US, reaffirming its commitment to delivering premium esports betting content.

Michele Fischer, Vice President, SIS Content Services, said: “As Kentucky is a basketball state, we are confident that our ebasketball product will provide an elevated experience for the bettors on the bet365 platform. Our offices are located in Louisville, so it is meaningful to be part of the sports betting infrastructure in our home state.”

Richard Ames, Chief Executive, SIS, and President, SIS Content Services, said: “To grow our esports content across the US has been an aim of ours for some time, and to be able to expand our competitive gaming product into a third US state showcases how we are well-placed to deliver engaging wagering experiences to bettors.”

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