Betsson and Local Partner Set to Launch Sports Betting in France

Betsson Group has been granted a license to extend its online sports betting services in the regulated French market. This venture is a result of a strategic partnership with a domestic collaborator. The initiation of Betsson’s offerings in France is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023 under the renowned Betsson brand name.

Central to Betsson’s growth approach is its focus on geographic expansion. In alignment with this, the company has made significant strides towards introducing sports betting in the French regulated igaming sector. By forging an alliance with a regional associate, Betsson has successfully secured the necessary permissions to provide online sports betting in France.

“I’m pleased that Betsson has obtained a license to offer sports betting in France, which is an important gaming market in Europe with great long-term potential for online gaming. By combining our knowledge and experience as a global gaming operator with the local expertise of our partner, we can offer an unbeatable customer experience in sports betting in France”, comments Pontus Lindwall, President and CEO of Betsson AB.

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