BOS Supports Rejection of Swedish Levy Fees

Aerial view of Stockholm where BOS are based

Today BOS submits its consultation response on the Gambling Market Inquiry’s interim report “The horse industry’s financing in the re-regulated gambling market”.

The inquiry’s main question has been to investigate whether Sweden should establish a mandatory levy fee for betting on horses, e.g. five percent of gross sales, in order to then distribute the funds raised to the horse industry. The Gambling Market Inquiry rejects the proposal entirely.

In its statement today, BOS supports the inquiry’s conclusion and consequently rejects the proposal for a mandatory levy fee for betting on horses. –

“We agree with the Gambling Market Inquiry’s conclusion to reject this proposal. We do this based on both principal as well as practical reasons. A principal reason is that you cannot own, and consequently not charge for, information that is open to everyone. This includes results that are often used in various types of betting. A practical reason is that the proposed market fee would be as large as the entire gross gaming revenue. Everything that remains after the winnings have been paid out to the winners would have to go to cover the levy fee. Few gaming companies would be interested to operate under such conditions”, says Gustaf Hoffstedt.

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