Catena Media Gears Up for North Carolina’s 2024 Online Sports Betting Launch

Catena Media is set to capitalize on the forthcoming launch of regulated online sports betting in North Carolina, with preparations already well underway. The US state recently confirmed that it would start officially sanctioned sports betting next year, paving the way for operators to tap into a promising market.

On June 14th, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed a law that empowers the North Carolina Lottery Commission (NCLC) to issue up to twelve interactive sports betting licenses to platform operators. Governor Cooper emphasized the substantial benefits this decision would bring to the state’s 10.7 million residents, including job creation and enhanced tax revenues “for generations to come.”

The newly minted law outlines that online sports betting could kick off as early as January 8th next year or as late as mid-June, with the NCLC determining the specific launch date.

Having an extensive portfolio of affiliate sites, including prominent national brands like Lineups and LegalSportsReport, places Catena Media in a favorable position ahead of the impending launch. The group has also forged media partnerships to fully seize the sports betting opportunity in North Carolina, aligning with Catena Media’s established launch model.

Notably, Catena Media is a premier marketing affiliate for online sports betting and casinos in North America, contributing to approximately 80% of the group’s revenue. Presently, the group operates in 26 US states and Canadian provinces, showcasing its widespread influence in the realm of sports betting.

CEO Michael Daly said: “This positive news from North Carolina aligns with our strategic ambition to expand our North American presence. As the ninth most populous US state and the 28th to legalise online sports betting, North Carolina has the potential to become a significant market for us. The bill signed by Governor Cooper encourages innovation and ensures healthy competition for sportsbooks, which are positive factors for the market that Catena Media welcomes.”

He added that the North Carolina bill had the potential to serve as a role model for other states which are in the process of legalising online sports betting. “Ultimately, states that are better attuned to consumer needs and dedicate room for flexibility to sportsbook operators will have more success than those that don’t.”

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