Crab Sports Launches in Maryland with Gaming Innovation Group

Crab Sports has successfully launched it’s sportsbook in the state of Maryland, USA, through its partnership with Gaming Innovation Group (GIG).

Crab Sports, a locally focused brand supported by Marylanders and tailored to the specific sporting interests of the state, aims to capitalize on its deep understanding of the regional market. Leveraging GiG’s extensive experience in launching new brands and its established presence in the US-regulated online and omnichannel landscape, Crab Sports seeks to establish a strong foothold in Maryland’s iGaming market.

Since its launch in November 2022, online sports betting in Maryland has shown impressive growth, generating over $328 million in gross gaming revenue within its first seven months, up until May 2023. Crab Sports joins the ranks of ten active online brands in the state.

The collaboration between GiG and Crab Sports marks a significant milestone in Maryland’s iGaming industry, as it introduces a locally driven brand backed by GiG’s expertise and innovation.

Marcel Elfersy, CCO of GiG, said: “It’s great to be launching with a localised brand like Crab Sports, sharing their vision that Maryland, and indeed the wider US market, can benefit from the opportunities of a strong partnership between operator and provider, building a unique and personalised customer experience that is tailored for local interests. This differentiation, we believe, can help our partners compete with the other leading online operators and capitalise on what is a burgeoning marketplace.”

Derek Baker of Crab Sports, added: “We are incredibly excited to be launching Crab Sports in Maryland alongside the GiG team. Together, we have accomplished a tremendous amount to reach this milestone and we’re delighted that our partnership has delivered a product to help us compete with the best in the market. We are looking forward to demonstrating the power of our localized approach and our shared bright future ahead.”

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