DraftKings Launches “Pick6”for P2P Fantasy Sports

DraftKings Inc. has launched a new fantasy sports product, DraftKings Pick6, which introduces a peer-to-peer fantasy sports game based on predicting whether players will score “more or less” than certain statistics. This product will initially be available in Maryland, Minnesota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin starting December 6th, focusing on NFL and NBA contests.

In Pick6, users can create lineups of two to six players from at least two different teams, deciding if each player will achieve more or less than a specified statistical outcome. The game includes features like “My Picks” for tracking picks, options for lineup edits, adding funds, and monitoring performance in real time. Customers can access Pick6 through its dedicated iOS and Android app or the website pick6.draftkings.com.

Additionally, DraftKings has announced “Progressive Parlay,” another new feature for its sports betting product. Progressive Parlay is a regulated bet against the house, allowing users to place parlay bets on player props with the possibility of winning even if not all parts of the parlay are successful.

“For the past decade, DraftKings has defined innovation in fantasy sports,” said Corey Gottlieb, DraftKings’ Chief Product Officer. “Pick6 is the next great example of that innovation—this is a homegrown, peer-to-peer product that taps into our customers’ desire for fun, simple-to-play experiences tied to their favorite athletes. We are excited to give our customers another way to experience live sports by competing against each other.”

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