Fulham FC Continues Partnership with Fitzdares Until 2024

Fulham Football Club has renewed its partnership with sports betting company Fitzdares, ensuring ongoing collaboration until 2024. This decision follows a previously established partnership during the 2022/23 period, marked by distinct matchday activations and collaborative efforts between the two entities.

As part of this partnership, Fitzdares will maintain a presence at Craven Cottage, Fulham Football Club’s stadium, with a specially-designed lounge that also provides a notable viewpoint of Premier League matches, inclusive of 30 seats. The lounge will feature artwork by sports illustrator Bill Butcher and interior designs by Rossana Bossom, contributing to a specific aesthetic within the space.

Further, Fitzdares, known within the sports betting industry, will work alongside Fulham’s Executive Chef to offer high-quality culinary options during matchdays. The collaborative offerings will also include Fulham FC’s signature pies during half-time events.

Additionally, Fitzdares is slated to utilize the space for member events on non-matchdays, which will encompass screenings of various significant sporting events, such as The Cheltenham Festival, Wimbledon, and Royal Ascot. These extensions of the partnership aim to offer a multifaceted experience for attendees and members, blending the worlds of football, additional sporting events, and sports betting in a cohesive manner.

This continuation of partnership underscores a mutual commitment between Fulham Football Club and Fitzdares, uniting sports betting and live sporting events in a shared space, and providing varied experiences for fans and members alike in the coming years.

Will Woodhams, Fitzdares CEO, said: “When we started the Fitzdares Club four years ago it was beyond our wildest dreams to have a permanent location at a Premier League ground. Now, due to our brilliant friends at Fulham FC, we have created an unparalleled experience not only for our members, but for Fulham FC partners who get a little taste of Fitzdares on a matchday in the Club’s new Partner Lounge.

Jon Don-Carolis, Fulham FC Club Commercial Director, said: “The incredible foundations which were created during the first year of the partnership between London’s Original Football Cub and the world’s oldest bookmakers made it a natural decision to extend, we were delighted.

“The added integration of the Fitzdares brand will bring a welcomed unique touch into the matchday hospitality offering. We look forward to creating more fun and engaging content together, while Fitzdares continue to promote the importance of responsible gambling to our fans.”

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