Novig Partners with Intelitics for Market Expansion in Colorado

Novig, an emerging online sports betting operator poised to enter the Colorado market, has announced a strategic partnership with Intelitics. This collaboration will see Intelitics empower Novig’s affiliate program and optimize its paid media channels. The partnership grants Novig access to Intelitics’ acclaimed data-driven platform, complete with an array of tools and features essential for effective and scalable customer acquisition.

Intelitics’ platform stands out for its innovative capabilities, including real-time campaign tracking, automated reporting, and personalized dashboards, all accessible through a unified interface. This technology allows Novig to efficiently manage both affiliate and paid media activities, enhancing their customer acquisition strategy.

Novig’s initial launch in Colorado focuses on establishing itself as an online sportsbook operator. However, the company envisions expanding its offerings to include a high-frequency betting exchange. This platform, pending regulatory approval, aims to provide users with unmatched flexibility in sports betting, enabling them to bet on optimal market odds or even set their own.

The operator is integrating advanced technologies from Wall Street and Silicon Valley, coupled with exclusive research and trading methodologies, to create a highly efficient and user-friendly betting platform. This approach is set to position Novig as a leading figure in the industry, offering a streamlined and equitable betting experience.

Allan Stone, CEO at Intelitics, said: “Novig is set to disrupt the Colorado online sports betting market and we are thrilled to be supporting its acquisition efforts through affiliates and paid media. These are powerful channels that are highly effective, both in terms of scale and cost.

“Our platform and suite of tools have been designed to allow operators such as Novig to maximise the potential of affiliates and paid media through real-time data that provides the insights needed to dial up successful campaigns and dial down those that are not working.

“This is another great partnership for Intelitics and one where we see huge potential for Novig and its ambitions for the market.”

Catherine Dougherty, Head of Growth Marketing at Novig, added: “We are a technology company at heart and in Intelitics we have a partner that understands the power of technology and data when it comes to effective affiliate marketing and paid media.

“This is a powerful, highly capable platform and toolset that we will be able to use to drive new customer acquisition at scale and for a fraction of the cost of other marketing channels. This will give us a huge boost in Colorado and the other states where we will make a play.”

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